Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Gettin' the Mail and BAM!! What a Surprise!

So I got the mail today. Here’s what I got:

A late birthday card from Uncle Tim, but with a check in it! (Thanks Uncle Tim…and NO you don’t need to know how much it was for!)

Church envelopes (“the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”….I’m going to hell in a hand-basket, because we haven’t been to church in a year and I have envelopes in my bill drawer going back six months….it’s sacrilegious to throw them away…especially EMPTY!!)

A new Harper’s Bazaar magazine. (Speaking of “bizarre,” I use their haute couture layouts for inspiration for my clothing for the aliens in my novel! LOL but no, seriously, I love that magazine, you know….otherwise!)

AND….drum roll please….besides some junk mail and a trash bill (yes, as in, I have to PAY someone to come get my trash and then they try to tell me how much waste they are actually going to take away! As in, “no, only three bags, we’re gonna leave that extra bag to fester, we’ll come back and get it next week!” whatever. My neighbor and I refer to it as the “how many bags can we leave out and get the trash man to take” game.)

I am officially (re)accepted to College of Notre Dame of Maryland….as soon as I pay them. Otherwise, my intelligence and obvious talents aren’t enough to hold my spot.

Allow me a brief tangent:

I am so excited I could pee myself like a spastic cocker spaniel. Can you picture it?! I am going to be in an ART STUDIO again! YAY!!! I mean, really, yay doesn’t begin to cover it! The smell of turpentine in the morning, sunlight through the windows, someone telling you to start over because your perspective is all jacked up….I mean, can you sense the excitement here?? I have no idea how I’m going to pay for it, who’s going to get Optimas Prime (that’s my eldest son’s code name) off the school bus, who’s going to watch Batman (son #2’s codename) or how I’m going to pay for THAT, but hey, if it’s the right thing, it will all work itself out, right? ….RIGHT?!! guys?.....guys?....


  1. If it is meant to be, it will be. I know, profound, right? I will cross my fingers for you and hope something happens that enables you to go!!!

  2. I'm glad you started a blog (which of course I will read) because I just can't get into I the only one? I just don't care what 'everyone' is doing! I'd rather watch jungle book with Alec. Anyway, back to work! Jim

  3. All I can say is 1. try the GI bill if you have it 2. Military spouses going back to school = money in the bag baby!! Just look their are tons of grants. By the by besides the trash bill in PA that I loved!... I truly it was the taxes that stand out the most in my mind-

  4. Awww Jim! thanks! (that's my baby brother!:) and you have lost your shot at a code name my friend! lol)
    Lee, so I'm gonna research the whole military spouse grant thing! thanks for the tip! and are you implying that I can get the GI bill aid?? get out of town!! And you're right about the taxes, they totally kill us on our mortgage!!

  5. Well at least you can deduct your schooling on your taxes. O and any daycare costs can be deducted.

    Yea I hate the dern PA taxes.......mostly the school taxes.


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