Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Vegging, sackin’ out, crashing.

I don’t do any of those anymore. Even in bed at night, I’ve got the TV going, my laptop going and a book on my bedside table with a cup of tea and a snack! I mean, seriously, (mental note, add that to list of overused words…) seriously, there could be an earthquake and I’d be fine: I could still get in touch with people via email and facebook and then check my finances while I preserve my family photos on snapfish, content in the knowledge that I’d ordered my groceries to be delivered (someone called and surveyed me on that and I was like hell yes I’d take advantage of a service like that!!!) and already scheduled my car for maintenance.

But when was the last time I laid around in my …comfy clothes (I neurotically cannot stand to be in my pj’s past 9:00am, unless I’m sick!) and watched a marathon of something (paranormal state perhaps?) or back-to-back Lifetime movies, reading a good book during the commercials? (if it were a fantastic book, my TV wouldn’t be on!)

I do what I like to call mini-vegging.

I spend 15-60 minutes doing jack-poopy, several times a day. I flip through a magazine, mindlessly float through cyberspace, including wasting a lot of time on facebook reading flair and bumper stickers…and an equal amount of time sending them to people! (sorry guys!) Then I spend a frantic hour picking up, letting the dogs in, swapping laundry out, fixing a meal or a snack, unloading the dishwasher, letting the dogs out, scrubbing the sink, wiping all the counters, letting the dogs in, yelling at kids, letting Shadow back OUT again (damn dog!!), running mail out to the mailbox only to find that I’ve missed her, running back in, answering the phone, cleaning up a spill and then BANG!

I crash.

I sit and wait for my breathing to slow and do a mini-veg until that all-pervasive Catholic guilt sinks in (it’s not just for church and morality you know!) and I’m up and at ‘em again! I’ve actually had to LEARN to slow down, to not make everything under the sun feel like a priority. I’m talking, self-taught! I mean, I can’t do anything about that electric bill I can’t pay, why obsessively check my online banking as if the money fairy made a deposit while I wasn’t looking? Right? (nobody panic, it’s not that bad! Lol)

My point is, I think my brain and my heart-rate benefit from regular bouts of vegging out. We need it.

And I’m going to go do that….as soon as story time and settling down for naptime are over and I’ve answered a few emails and done a few things for Mary Kay and folded that laundry….

I’ll get to right after that….

As long as that leaning tower of filing isn’t screaming my name, I’ll do it then, I promise…

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