Monday, April 13, 2009

More Pictures...

I'm basically trying to find a way to sort and organize (in a user-friendly yet anal way...) but I really wanted a layout with navigation bar or tabs up top. What I really need is a website I guess, but I don't know how to do that, so I've got to work within these bounds! oh well.
So here's my goal: to use only a set number of labels, which are under the heading "Categories" over there ---> so I can try to organize in that way. Then you can find what you need or are curious for, especially if you're new to the website.
That being are my children!

So here is a pic of my nephew (left) Forget Me Not's son, Little Bear and my son (right)
Optimas Prime, obviously in their jammies at our house. Their birthdays are about 3 weeks apart, I think to the day....

And then here is (left to right) Prime, Batman (2.5 years old) and Forget Me Not's youngest, The Innocent One (because she's so darned cute!!! Even when she's in trouble, she looks at you and beams and you just...well, she's off the hook!) who turned 3 on St.Patty's Day
(she was almost named Colleen! lol). As you can see, she's not in her jammies yet!

Just like MY brothers, they are one light and one dark. In fact, in high school, the small Catholic one we went to, I was a senior, The Musician was a sophmore and the Computer Guru was a freshman and my friends could never differentiate between them. So they referred to them as the Light One and the Dark One. :) My husband as also much darker than his brother, who had nearly white-blond hair growing up and now has pretty dark hair himself. Funny how those things run in the family.

(left to right)
Prime, Batman and Charming
Summer 2008 I believe
(look how much younger Batman looks!!)

This was taken with the built-in camera on the computer,
hence the crappy grainy quality.

This was just taken the other day, with cream cheese all over his face cuz bagels are his favorite, like his mommy! ;)

This was taken a few weeks ago, just cuz I had the camera out, which Batman was greatly interested in, as you'll see if you scroll down....

Now, I don't have any concrete proof, but I'm betting Batman took this. What is this I'm looking at? you ask. That is a super close-up of my pink wireless mouse on my desk, which is up against the stationary side of our sliding glass doors. Note the lovely view out the window and the box of Kleenex and the Pooh Bear mouse pad I use. Isn't that nice?
At least nowadays, he can't waste film!

I remember when I was 12 and had gotten my first camera. When I got the first roll developed, there were about 7 or 8 wasted shots of my brothers, clowning around, taking pics of each other! They were in their uniforms, so it must've been right before leaving for school. They would've been 10 and 8/9 years old. Little stinkers. They were always doing stuff like that!! lol
I have a few more shots, unrelated to family, which I will put up in a separate post.

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