Sunday, April 12, 2009

MORE Technical Difficulties....

Apparently, you can't have too many technical difficulties! Well, this isn't the format I chose originally, because I was really looking for a navigation toolbar, but this was way more user friendly. However, it was made by a random person on the web and put up for free, so glitches abound and as I've already established, I'm not computer/blog savvy enough to fix it!

So, consequently, the following doesn't work, so don't bother to click on them (and for God's sake, don't email me or comment me about them please, I know they don't work and I'm exasperated enough for ten bloggers, ok?? thanks!....although I know this will not deter the smartasses who will comment anyway....Yunker, I'm talking to you!)


Those aren't important anyway, right?? lol Oh well, it LOOKS cool, that's the important part! ;)

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