Thursday, April 9, 2009

Multimedia Download in Progress

When you're a stay-at-home-mom (I hate the acronym SAHM, but I hate typing it all out even more!!) when you're a sahm, variety is KEY! What type of variety? you ask? (what a wonderful question you smart readers you!!) I need variety in just about everything: what I eat, what I watch on TV, whether I read or write or draw or collage, yell at the kids or choose time-out, dress up and clean, or go out looking like a schlub. You have to have variety (within a strict regimented schedule of course!) in order to survive. Or else boredom sets in.

Which is Bad with a capital B.

Boredom (linked to lack of husband) + PMS = Depression.

This is Lara's Unique Math. No previous experience/knowledge necessary. Just follow along.

To continue:

PMS + depression= A heightened sense of frustration.

Depression + Frustration = More yelling than usual.

Frustration + Yelling = Copious tears. And the kids cry too. (The PMS is a sort of floating ghost quotient that is actually included in and affects each equation by the way. I believe that is referred to as "a given.")

Did I mention my husband goes away every other week and I am also isolated? I'm not sure what that equals when you add it in, but I can tell you this is going from math to a very sloppy, volatile recipe which can only turn out about as well as a souffle in a house full of running screaming kids: deflated. caved in. Something no one wants that is just nasty. (dead horse? beaten? check)

Let me just.....pull myself up by fingertips here.....almost out of that....self-pity hole.....there! (pushes hair out of face)

moving on.

I am going to try and spice things up for you guys by adding some pictures and videos (both most likely of horrible quality by the way, so don't get too excited!) but there is the aforementioned (ANT!! ANT!!!! where the hell are they COMING FROM?!! sigh. it's dead now. :) ) variety. I'll get them up as soon as I can....I'm kinda excited about this.

I might even muster a smile. :I close enough.

by the by: why do I ASK my 4 year old if he would LIKE to go in time out?! The answer is always no! duh!

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