Monday, April 13, 2009

My Puppies!!!

TRINTIY is a Siberian Husky who turned 6 years old in March and I swear is just starting to settle down with her energy!! The top pic is before grooming, the bottom is AFTER. She is indeed named for one of the main characters in The Matrix series. Funnily enough, one of her littermates, a black male, was named Neo! haha. We got Trinity as my college graduation present to myself :), from the Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue. Apparently, her parents were a mated pair owned by a family that kept dropping them off and then coming back and picking them back up. This time, when the family dropped off the pair with their litter, staff told them to not come back, as it was traumetizing to the dogs, who could have a nice constant loving family. They left the pair and a new litter of puppies behind. Trinity was one of only 2 females and the only cream colored one. She is a purebred. She is loving and cuddly and great with the kids. Her more submissive personality makes her easier to discipline (voice commands usually do it).

(The top pic is POST-grooming and bottom pic is before grooming)
SHADOW we purchased when he was 9 weeks old and we had been married only 2 weeks! In Fayetteville, NC from a couple who was just trying to sell the dogs so they could move! lol So we got him half price. He will be 12 years old July 1st. He is also a purebred. Shadow is much more independent and stubborn. He used to frustrate the hell out of us when he was younger, because we'd let him out in the fenced yard and then he wouldn't come in when you called, you know when you were trying to leave the house or go up to bed; when it was totally inconvenient to just leave him outside. But he is also my buddy, my bug killer, my comforter when Charming is gone----he has been my constant companion for the whole of our marriage, through all Charming's military and job traveling (which has been extensive!!). I'm such a chicken, I wouldn't have made it without Shadow some nights, as he walked very cooperatively with me to check out noises in the house, or following me on "rounds": checking the kids and all the locks. He is very in tune with my moods and responds immediately if he senses I am on "high alert" from a noise or anything! lol He is getting old, although I still see the face of my puppy when I look at him. Charming keeps warning me he could go soon, but I refuse to think about it. I just try to spend a few quiet moments with him each day and say a little prayer he stays with us as long as possible.
If you have any questions about Siberian Huskies, please feel free to ask me! I have read a ton of books and we've owned them for 12 years almost. I would love to pass on some of the info I have on Huskies! :)

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