Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TV Review: Castle

So the greatest pleasure on my DVR is admittedly the Nathan Fillion show "Castle." At the link to "Castle" there, you can see free whole episodes and whatnot. If you recall, I have a Joss Whedon addiction, which you can read about here. And via Joss Whedon, I was introduced to one Nathan Fillion:

He is cute, but don't let that fool you! He is sharp, witty, sarcastic and from his blogs, highly social and kind too! :) He is big on courtesy, paying it forward and common sense (a man after my own heart) but back to his career, shall we?

I first saw him in Buffy as Caleb, and agent of the ancient evil, The First. He was very creepy, nasty with a flick of his finger and no change of countenance. He was nearly unbeatable and always appeared in a priest's black frock. Creeeepppyyyy!

Then I saw him in a totally different light as the captain of the ship on Firefly and the movie Serenity. Here I found a comic timing that startled me and a dry delivery that made me laugh out loud. This is one of my favorite movies. THEN I buy the movie Waitress, cuz I love me some Keri Russell and lo and behold, there's my Nathan!! He's a romantic lead! He's kind and lovely and I watch this movie every time it comes on TV!

You cannot imagine my glee when I discovered I could once again see Nathan in weekly installments and as I have never seen him before! He's still smart, sarcastic, and funny, but now he's a writer, a dad, a bit of a wuss (watching him want to go on police raids but then try to find an out in some intellectual, non-physical way is so funny!) His facial expressions alone make the show worth watching. I promise.

Here's the premise:

He's a writer that had written a hugely famous series of detective novels, but when he gets tired of writing about him, he kills him off (he's always running into fans who are none too happy with him about that!). Then he encounters writer's block and languishes for a while, living in a New York loft with his eccentric ex-actress mother and his smart and adorable 15 year old daughter (who has gorgeous hair and the most amazing skin I've ever seen on a teenager!!). His ex-wife is a complete flake, also an actress, who flits in and out of their lives. He follows his whim but is practical, makes life fun for his daughter but is definitely an involved dad and he cooks, people!!! Pancakes and all sorts of things for his little girl! awwwwww!

One day, Rick Castle finds himself called in by the police on a murder that is a replication of a murder scene in one of his books. He's called in as a consultant, but totally rubs the lead detective, Kate Beckett, the wrong way. They have awesome chemistry. She is a closet fan of his books, and his over the top ladies' man attitude amuses and sometimes exasperates her, but I think secretly she hopes his passes at her are for real! Every show, I debate on whether they are going to try and put the two of them together or not. She is alone and is already being taken in to his little family.

Well, Castle is totally inspired to start a new series of books, based on Det. Beckett, much to her chagrin. He has a slew of connections in the city because of being a famous writer and is a font of information, due to researching a variety of topics for all his novels. Beckett hates how much help he can be sometimes! He uses one of his connections to be named a consultant on a more permanent basis, for his new series.....and we're off!! :)

I got both my husband and my sister to watch it and they both enjoy it---my sister and I were laughing out loud last night.

My recommendation: Laugh Out Loud. Watch "Castle," CBS, Monday nights at 10pm.


  1. And another victim of Fillionitis is born ('s alright - it's a chronic condition, and somewhat costly in terms of time wasted on the net, but deeply pleasurable for all that!)

  2. haha! Thanks for the comment! I've liked Nathan for a good long while, so I was very excited to see someone from my Whedon-world crash with mainstream! ;)

  3. So I just discovered your blog based on a retweet from MONTHS ago. (Thanks BTW.) Anyway, I'm in love! I have read seemingly everything here (much to the dismay of my kids who would like some attention!) but I decided to comment on this post because I adore Rick Castle and Nathan Fillion so this was the capper that made me know we were kindred spirits. Yay!


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