Friday, May 22, 2009


and please do check out all my cool new Widgets in the sidebar over there --------------->
Charming (smartass that he is) is all "Look at you! All Twitter and Widget---you're so high tech!"
I said, "No, if I were high tech, I could freaken make the widget I want instead of trying to get this stupid one to work!!"
But really, most widgets are the technically....challenged, shall we say? You click on it, it asks you (or gives you an array of logos to choose from for those of us who can't read) what your "vehicle" is (facebook, blogger, wordpress, etc) and you click it. Sometimes it asks for additional info, like your blog name or to log in so it can post, but then, bing!, it appears. Pretty easy! :)

What frightens me is how much longer I have to go....202 days?! Really?! 11 weeks and 1 day seemed so much further along in the doctor's office....dang! oh well, I love my children. I will treasure this time....I love my children....I love my children.....

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