Monday, June 15, 2009


I was looking at pics of Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf at a premiere of the new movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And of course, Ms. Fox has on a sexy number (no bra, don'tcha know!!) and it reveals some of her tattoos, namely one that says "And we will all laugh at the gilded butterflies" on her right shoulder-blade. The crazy list of comments that ensued was just....well, crazy!!

First of all, no one can spell worth a damn, their grammar is atrocious and more than one person needed to be knocked off their high horse in my opinion. The number of people who think it is perfectly within their rights to judge whether or not she should have gotten a tattoo in the first place (with name calling!!), whether or not she cheapens the words of Shakespeare by putting his words on her body...the list goes on and on! It boggled my mind! People seriously think that because she's in the public eye they have the right to comment on her tattoo, to comment that she was stupid for getting it, that because she's beautiful, she shouldn't mark up her body or she shouldn't feel the need to get a tattoo....I don't understand people.

Getting permanently marked is a deeply personal experience. Changing how you look is all about struggling to more fully express who you are on the inside. Yes, people can get stupid tattoos, or get one in a fit of bravery, drunkenness or peer pressure. But that certainly cannot and does not apply to all people that have tattoos!! Just because some people feel that way (and this may include some of my readers) doesn't mean that all tattoos are bad ideas or that all people are going to regret getting one....further, is it just me, or are women more heavily discouraged from getting tattoos then men?? There were parents on Rachel Ray who were frantic to keep their three daughters (15, 17, 19) from getting tattoos. Now, they were young, but the parents just kept going on and on about not marking up their bodies and this and that. Here's my general opinion (and I'm sure everyone reading this has one, because it seems to raise a ton of reactions!) my opinion is that everyone at the very least owns their own damn body. And it's nobody's business (not even the parents!!) what that person puts on their body. Yes, parents have control over a child until they are 18, but after that, the child has the right to make their own mistakes. Nobody should feel pressure NOT to get a tattoo because of their family or friends. If you wouldn't get one, that's fine and that's your choice and business, but don't pressure someone else not to do it just because you wouldn't.

People have been getting tattoos for hundreds of years and for some reason, they really get a bad rap! Is it because at first, only "heathens" and "natives" had them, leading more "civilized" people to conclude that people with tattoos must be uneducated or living outside of the boundaries of civilization as they knew it? Then later, it was associated with marking people as part of certain groups, such as gangs and bikers? I don't know.

But I've always wanted one! My husband has 3 and talks often about getting more. I'd like one that means something just to me and that is a permanent reminder about something important. I've been thinking for several years of getting one of a phoenix, to remind me that nothing is permanent (well, except a tattoo! lol) and that change is a regular part of life, that we can start over brand-new, any time we want. But I wanted to wait until the risk of it getting stretched out and gross was minimal! lol (that's not the kind of change I was thinking of! haha). Charming and I want to get matching ones. I would design them, doing a more feminine phoenix for myself, looking almost like a peacock in blues that lead to a flaming tail that looks more like a cross between orange feathers and flames while making his look more masculine, perhaps the flames more jagged, the phoenix's beak open like it's screaming? I'm not sure yet, I'll work it out and let you know! ;)

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  1. oooo, yay, i love the idea of you designing your own! i just decided last month that after nine tattoo free years it is time for a new one--my 8th!!

    this post makes me say hmmmmmm, perhaps i come lara's way looking for design....hmmmm???


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