Thursday, June 4, 2009

Um, ew, gross!

So, we got another dog. (send all complaints, rude comments and other noise to the comment section, please, where I can ignore it!). His name is Sarge (very appropriate for our Army National Guard family!) and he is a 6 month old Lab/Husky mix. He's a little energetic, nothing we haven't handled before, although it's been 6 years since I've been here and it's not looking as familiar as I thought it would! He's potty, crate and leash trained already, used to cats and really really good with the kids! At any rate, he's already 50 lbs and as big as Trinity, so his need to chew is great, which is fine, but I'm trying to get away from rawhides (my aunt informed me they can cause blockages, which, as you can imagine, then caused a whole new crop of paranoia to pop up!) and find something natural.

Now, we used to give our dogs pig's ears, which I thought was a cute little nickname for some kind of rawhide, til I really looked at one one day and saw that there were little hairs still on it and completely freaked out and wouldn't buy them again! I mean, I know they're dogs, but c'mon! Am I being silly?! I'm looking at the grocery store; everything is rawhide, rawhide, rawhide. I find pressed treats, which are still rawhide, but well chopped and formed into shapes. However, it's hard to find ones for big dogs and the larger ones I could find were like $7 for 2. Those would be gone in 5 minutes.

I started searching online and I encountered a website that offered "bully sticks" which they kept saying were made from angus steer....but what part?! Is it like rawhide, is it the skin? Is it dried meat?? What the heck is it?? Then they list not only pig's ears, but cow and sheep's ears!! THEN they list pig and cow snouts, followed by the actual hooves of a cow!!! And lastly, not makin' this up, there are antlers for sale....yes, the shed antlers of a stag, I can then give to my dogs as a long-lasting, tastey, naturally recycled treat! Yum! I am not living in a hunting lodge in 1395 here people!! I can't believe this is the best I can find! I'm going to keep looking....and any suggestions are welcome!!

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