Sunday, July 26, 2009


So I'm NOT getting a sono on the 7th, but (happily) on the THIRD (3rd) of August, so a week from tomorrow, we are on an 8 day countdown people!! :)

Got a lot of graphic art work to do for my lovely MK directors (go to to see what I'm working on!) so I'll be coming and going on here but will definitely post when we find out the sex of the baby, don't you worry yourself none! ;)

And strangely, I've gotten a lot of votes so far for Renee as a middle name, which is actually MY middle name and I've never really liked it. (sorry mom!) It's alright I guess, but I don't feel any burning desire to name a daughter after myself. It's hard enough being a woman, let her have her own identity! Men, on the other hand, seem to like the tradition. Go figure! Morgan Renee. I don't know. I like Claire a lot, it's feminine and I think counterbalances the strength of Morgan, which could potentially be a unisex name.....hmmmm.

Also, everyone thinks it's going to be a girl. I was right with my pregnancy radar with both my boys and this pregnancy has been very different---I can almost feel the extra estrogen rushing through my veins sometimes, I swear!! I have been much more emotional this time (as Charming can attest to!). So (sigh) I am going to throw caution to the wind and say I think it's going to be a girl too! I guess we'll see huh? :)

How 'bout you guys? Did you notice any difference between pregnancies if have both boys and girls?

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