Friday, July 17, 2009

Let the Countdown Begin!!

Ok all, I was at the doctor's office today! I am now 19 weeks and one day, so closing in on completing my 5 month mark. But more importantly, I was scheduled for my next ultrasound: August 7, 2009! That's 3 weeks away people! Oh, the agony!!!

I think we've settled pretty firmly on Logan Edward for a boy and I feel very comfortable with Morgan for a girl...although we did not of course intend to choose rhyming names! I haven't decided on a middle name for a girl....Morgan Rose maybe or Morgan Claire....Princess informs me that Morgan Claire does not flow...but I'm thinking, "I don't care!" lol So I'm going to put up 2 polls this time---help me finalize a girl's name (just in case! 50/50 chance!) and "bet" on the sex of the baby! Sorry gang, but no prizes. It's not that kind of blog! ;)

1 comment:

  1. I love Morgan Claire. So beautiful! One of the girl names I had picked out was Madigan Claire, so of course, I will vote for that middle name! Hope you are feeling well. Can't wait to see what you have cooking in there! Will be checking back for the big announcement in August!!! : )


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