Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Names revisited!

So, my sonogram is not til Wednesday, we still have some time! I am very much liking the idea of a girl's middle name that begins with "c" so I'm looking at and have found a few I like besides "Claire" which has met with a surprising amount of resistance---except for Trace. Thanks Trace. (fist thump over my heart). I got your back girl. ;)

So I'm going to switcheroo the poll up there shortly. AND while I'm thinking about it, I would ask that friends (by that, I mean Jenn) refrain from voting for the same name like 8 times!! It sorta skews the results. lol ;) Conseqently, "Renee" has been disqualified! HA! heehee.

Going to see Harry Potter with my man tomorrow, as he is on vacation and the little money we have leftover after bills is burning a hole in my pocket! That and I adore going to the movies.

Ok, gotta jet. Optimus is using a plastic golf club as a weapon and Batman is playing "ram the bike" of which was unoccupied and is currently rolling down my sloped driveway, nope it's made a right swerve and is going down the hill toward the intersection. Yahoo. There's my exercise for the day.


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  1. FYI, it wasn't 8 times!!! it was maybe 3. and that was b/c after clearing my history, cookies, whatever, it didn't show that i voted. so there!! lol i still like renee ;)


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