Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sonogram Todaaaaayy!!

IT'S A GIRL!!!! :) My baby intuition/radar was right on!! :)

You guys aren't helping me much with the middle name here! lol There's one vote for every name except Felice! haha

So we are super-psyched and ready to FINALLY start getting ready for baby! :)

So Ian tells me: "Mom, Morgan is NOT a girl's name! That's a boy name! We can't name her that!!" lol Not sure where he got that idea, but he wasn't budging and was getting quite annoyed with me!

Gabe says (and thankfully, he can say the name Morgan!): Yeah!! I can't wait for Morgan to come out!!

And later: Mom, when Morgan comes, I will play with her! :)

What a good boy! lol ;)

1 comment:

  1. Go to Kid to Kid on Leaders Height Road next to 83..............fab consignment store! I have gotten so much stuff for Alexis there.


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