Sunday, August 30, 2009

New and Streamlined...

Well, sorta! :)
I'm trying to clean out the clutter---my nesting is now extending to my blogs!! I've shortened my links and blog list and added my moving portfolio down the bottom there--pretty cool, right? riiiiiggghhttt? ;) If you click on it, it takes you to the website, right to my portfolio.

Ok, checking the To Do List....need to start dinner, vacuum 1st and 2nd floors, clean out a few closets, check on laundry in dryer, paint the foyer......sigh. There just aren't enough hours in the day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

True Blood: Queertastic? or Finally Getting Better?

I love the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries, the books that is. From the opening credits, I knew that True Blood was not going to be that series on the screen.

First of all, the music didn't go at all with what I thought would be the soundtrack for Sookie. And the images they used in the opening credits were really disturbing the first time I saw them (it's right up there with the Ghost Whisperer and Medium's opening credits, both of which I consistently fast forward through!).

Here are my thoughts about the show:

1. Anna Paquin doesn't seem to have a grip on the character of Sookie. She's supposed to be tough and practical and stubborn and have a bit of a temper. She smiles when she's uncomfortable. Instead, Anna smiles inanely all the time without that explanation. It makes her look like she's a terrible actress; lucky for her, I've read the books and know what that's all about! Also, she worries a lot about money in the books and one of the reasons she agrees to some of the dumb set-ups with the vampires is that they might be paying her for her telepathic time; not even mentioned in the series.

2. The vampires look like they have baby powder on. Fix that. Immediately.

3. The actor playing the Viking vampire, Eric Northman, is Alexander Skarsgard. Originally, not liking him so much for the part; I didn't think he was attractive enough, but now that they got rid of that craptastic hair and cut it short (that comes from being married to a military man I guess!) I am liking him more and more this season. He's a character you love to hate.

4. Bill. Bill Bill Bill. Where do I start? In the books, he is reclusive, dark, edgy, he loves Sookie but is unsure how to go about telling her and showing her....consequently, he ends up doing stupid possessive things and is totally uncommunicative, getting himself further into trouble with her. Typical male, but with fangs. But in the show, he's all mushy and almost comically over-possessive of her. Not in a serious, growly, I'm going to rip your head off type of "she's mine!" but in a poke you in the shoulder, hey dude, stay away from my girl kind of way. And his hair....sigh....someone needs to talk to hair and make-up over there for God's sake! STAY AWAY FROM THE FLATIRON people!! And use a foundation 2 shades lighter instead of the clown make-up!! Geesh. They need a Mary Kay rep over there something fierce!

5. Ok, Mr. Ball, listen carefully as I say this: We've had enough of the damn maenad storyline already!! I sigh and reach for the remote every time I see Mary Ann's face!! I am always thisclose fast forwarding through those parts. Sookie is the main character, like Angela Lansbury was on Murder She Wrote!! You really DON'T need to over-develope those subplots man! The one episode, I swear, I saw Anna Paquin for like 15 minutes out of the whole hour!! and with her psychic ability, well, I just think they should focus more on her and could've used a voice-over method with her voice to give us more insight into her character. Especially since none of the subplots involve her!! Even that would be better--to have her in on Tara's difficulties with Mary Ann as another thing for her to worry about. Draw her in, make her the hub of the wheel, not one of the spokes! And all the attention to Jason, who is such a complete moron, is enough to make me grind my teeth. I hated that storyline with the Church of the Sun and am sooooo glad it's over!!

6. Enough with the orgies already!! For the love of God man! You CAN over-do it! It would've been so much more suspenseful to have the townspeople just disappearing into the wood and waking up weird places the next day. It would've been very Lost-like, but to have the whole town blacking out and nobody knowing why? THAT would've been cool! and when Sam gets dragged into the clearing, just having him be like, "What the hell?!!" and then ending the episode, THAT would've been suspenseful. But no, we had to have several panoramic views of the orgy in progress. Just because it's HBO and you can show full nudity doesn't mean 50% of the show needs to be nude. Newcomers may be confused, thinking it's about a nudist camp of vampires. Enough already!! And need I mention the bloody sex scene with Bill and Lorena?....hmmm, I didn't think so!

7. My favorite characters are Tara, LaFayette, Eric and Pam. Although lately, Pam is nowhere to be seen. And still, they should be seen as friends of Sookie whose subplots are integrated with her life in some way, not separately evolving storylines, in my opinion. And poor Eric---what was with the highlight foils in his hair and the cape, like he'd just leapt from a hairdresser's chair in order to chow down on a human in an abrupt blood munchy state?? Totally emasculated him. And I called it when I said they were going to have his hair go bad and use that as an excuse for getting his hair cut. Like that needed to be written in! He's a 2000 year old vampire people!! He can certainly cut his hair on a whim with no explanation needed!!

8. Can we please fix the love scenes with Sookie and Bill. They are downright hokey for God's sake!! Ms. Harris wrote them so much better! Quick screwing with a good thing and just expand ever so gently on the original, ok? Face it, Mr. Ball, you're a guy. You don't know how to write romantic scenes unless your middle is Nicholas Sparks. Which I don't think it is!

9. Get Vin Diesel For Quinn. I demand it.

10. Finally, I have to grudgingly admit that the show is finally, midway through season 2, getting better. It was like watching a B movie train wreck the first season, but I loved the books and the characters so, I couldn't seem to tear myself away if that was the only way I could see them on the screen...Even if it did make me wince and vow at the end of every episode that I wasn't going to watch it anymore! But I have hope, Mr. Ball. Just quit trying to make it into something else. Tweak the mood and get it right! Focus more on Sookie. Drop the maenad. And get Vin Diesel for Quinn. Oh, did I say that already? :)

For more info on True Blood, one of the best places to go of course is the show's website:

True Blood on HBO.


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sonogram Todaaaaayy!!

IT'S A GIRL!!!! :) My baby intuition/radar was right on!! :)

You guys aren't helping me much with the middle name here! lol There's one vote for every name except Felice! haha

So we are super-psyched and ready to FINALLY start getting ready for baby! :)

So Ian tells me: "Mom, Morgan is NOT a girl's name! That's a boy name! We can't name her that!!" lol Not sure where he got that idea, but he wasn't budging and was getting quite annoyed with me!

Gabe says (and thankfully, he can say the name Morgan!): Yeah!! I can't wait for Morgan to come out!!

And later: Mom, when Morgan comes, I will play with her! :)

What a good boy! lol ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ok, Seriously?!?

I got the reactions all set up (and even customized the reactions to choose from!! so funny!!....guess you had to be there) and the stinkin things aren't showing up!! Frankly, I am too exhausted to be properly do it, ok? be annoyed FOR see, it's after midnight and I am just getting slap-happy!

Will write about Harry Potter tomorrow....right after I verify a few things in the book, making sure my memory isn't faulty (I know, shocking! Like I don't remember things correctly!) but I think they left out a few things---a few key elements. We'll see! ;)
Until tomorrow!!

Useless entry!

As it was not immediately apparent whether or not my Reactions were added, I felt the need to add another entry, juuuuuust to see! Look down the it there? You should be able to click on Interesting, Cool and something else....

Something New....

Ok, I'm gonna try something new! Let's see if this works....I am gonna add "post reactions" to this, so down the bottom there, underneath a posting, you can click quickly on whether or not you liked the post. It gives me some more feedback, especially if you don't feel like you have the time to comment! ;)


Soooo, what's new with you? Me? I just changed BOTH my blogs around a bit....and who knows? I may do it again! Just keepin' ya on your toes people, makin sure you're awake out there!! Actually, we'll see how long this one lasts---see how it cuts off my New Moon counter just a bit? Yeah. That's gonna annoy me. Don't be surprised if this is gone within the week! lol ;)

Also, changed up my Taylor Ink blog a bit: so do me a favor and check it out also, k? K! :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Names revisited!

So, my sonogram is not til Wednesday, we still have some time! I am very much liking the idea of a girl's middle name that begins with "c" so I'm looking at and have found a few I like besides "Claire" which has met with a surprising amount of resistance---except for Trace. Thanks Trace. (fist thump over my heart). I got your back girl. ;)

So I'm going to switcheroo the poll up there shortly. AND while I'm thinking about it, I would ask that friends (by that, I mean Jenn) refrain from voting for the same name like 8 times!! It sorta skews the results. lol ;) Conseqently, "Renee" has been disqualified! HA! heehee.

Going to see Harry Potter with my man tomorrow, as he is on vacation and the little money we have leftover after bills is burning a hole in my pocket! That and I adore going to the movies.

Ok, gotta jet. Optimus is using a plastic golf club as a weapon and Batman is playing "ram the bike" of which was unoccupied and is currently rolling down my sloped driveway, nope it's made a right swerve and is going down the hill toward the intersection. Yahoo. There's my exercise for the day.


Monday, August 3, 2009

My Wonderfully Behaved Children....and other crazy news!

Been a little busy the last 24 hours! Let me catch you up!

Starting with Saturday night, we went to dinner with our children for the first time in a year (no lie! they were such little brats in public!!) and it went beautifully. I had a bag full of stuff and Optimus Prime was industriously doing Hidden Pictures and Batman had stopped squealing and whining about having to sit in a booster seat and all was calm. We got through the whole meal with no bickering and the boys didn't fight either! lol Just kidding! :) We actually, get this, had someone come up to us, an older lady who told us, "I just have to compliment you on your children. They are so well behaved. And they listen when you talk to them, which is how it's supposed to be. It's refreshing!" I modestly told her I try to come well-prepared in order to keep them quiet. She patted my shoulder and said, "Well, you've done a good job!" And Charming and I were astonished. Of course, not five minutes later, Optimus says loudly, "Look guys! That looks like Velma!" We were like, "Wha--huh?" and he points, mouth full of food and says, "Right there! It's Velma!" And when we looked, it clicked. She was in her fifties probably, with bobbed dark hair, with barretts and wearing glasses and capris with a cardigan. Charming, in his usual mature manner, begins batting Optimus's hand down while sniggering almost uncontrollably. Have I said that if I have another boy, I'm definitely getting a nanny, because I can't handle four boys in my house!! I will go insane!!

Which leads me to my exciting Sunday evening, after Charming has left yet again to fly out to Alabama---on one of those weeks where he'll get home Friday night only to have to report for duty for the National Guard at the butt-crack of dawn on Saturday morning 2 hours away---anyhoo, where was I before I was being annoyed at my husband's schedule? Oh yes, so I get home Sunday night from the park---determined to have my boys exhausted and asleep before 9:00pm (who am I kidding, now that they are in bunk beds in the same room, it is a good 2 hours of head-cracking and yelling before they go to sleep by about 10pm, if I'm lucky!!) but when I get home there's a message on my machine saying "I am soooo sorry to have to leave this message, but your sonogram is going have to be re-scheduled. Please call us tomorrow as soon as possible --we open at 8am." Great. When I called this morning, the tech had a death in the family or some crap and there's not enough techs to cover his schedule. So first they tell me the soonest they can get me in is 3 weeks from now!! I was like, "What?!! Seriously?!!" so they transfer me to someone who gets me in next Wednesday. Sigh. Another 10 days of unisex baby. Ugh. How do people wait to be surprised??

So Sunday night, I'm angrily scrubbing dishes after hearing about my sonogram delay and when I hit the handle of my spigot, it shuts off 90% and begins an annoying drip drip dribble that it's been doing for months, where the little plastic top on the base that indicates red/blue also pops up out of place whenever you turn the water off. So I give it a smack, like I always do, to push it the rest of the way down, and wouldn't you know, the handle snaps off. The water begins to run full blast and it takes me several long moments to figure out how to push the remnants of the spigot just-so to get it to turn mostly off. In the meantime, our lovely adopted dog (who is, coincidentally, going to be our ex-adopted dog soon, no joke) is throwing himself at our sliding glass door and barking frantically as if there's a vet with a needle right behind him. I'm now on a stool to get some leverage, using a screw-driver to get localized pressure on just the right screw in order to get my water to stop steadily trickling as Sarge has a rabies moment and Optimus starts yelling over the noise, "MOM!! Can I have some milk?? And where's my banana??" I didn't know whether to weep or scream. I am exhausted at this point and just want a shower and when I feel like that, I get over-stimulated very easily. So I scream at Sarge to shut up and there is blissful quiet. I throw Optimus a look tell him he needs to wait his freaken turn, doesn't he see I'm busy with something? (I know, mom of the year material, I am!) and with a half-sob of relief I manage to wrench the damn spigot back into place so the water stops running. My Daddy is coming to fix it Wednesday or Thursday. :) I love my dad!! He can fix anything!! I'm thinking I might casually mention the powder room toilet is still on the fritz...

So I'm totally done with having this extra animal in the house. I've already emailed the foster family we got him from. I feel bad, but he just isn't a good match for us. He has really been tormenting our other dog, Trinity and our cats. He goes on these barking binges where he just won't shut up. He doesn't respond to "No," or "stop it" or anything. Honestly, he would be a great dog if I had the time to properly train him. But I don't. I don't have the energy either. I can barely squeeze in breaks for myself to keep my sanity, I'm not giving them up for this dog, who was supposed to be crate, leash and house-trained. He goes into the crate alright, but he has these apparently claustrophobic moments where he just barks and freaks out. He doesn't walk on a leash (or a harness or a haltie) well at all and being pregnant, it is just too much for me to try to walk with him. He lunges and pulls something fierce! He is 8 months old now. He is adorable and he is fantastic with the kids, gentle and tolerant, but I we literally don't have the time to train him. One of the reasons we got him was because we thought he was already trained! I'm just desperately trying to simplify my life---I don't need the stress in my life! I basically split my time three ways: trying to tire out the boys and keep them busy; working; cleaning/cooking or running errands. And then we're going to add a newborn to the mix in less than 4 months?! I don't think so!!

Did I mention that I took my car in for its inspection and one of my tires didn't pass and the other three were so close, they wouldn't last me through the winter? They told me this a year ago, when they all barely passed inspection, to get new ones and I kinda didn't, so I wasn't surprised. But lo and behold, I had to open another credit card in order to get 4 new tires!! Go me!! Did I mention I am a financial guru in addition to mom of the year?! I know, I'm a double-threat!!

Well, now that my son has a neighbor over to play and is occupied, I can get in a good hour of work and I have a deadline today for 6 fliers to be done....I know, why am I blogging then?!! I just needed a well-placed break, you know, to stave off the nervous breakdown another 24 hours! ;)



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