Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Whole Month Has Gone By!!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've written a post! But I have been busy, busy, busy!!
First of all, new TV shows are on and my DVR is smokin' because of all the recording I'm doing....but no, seriously, I have been hard at work getting jobs via One fell through, but was a learning experience and netted me like 20 samples I had done for them, so I posted them all on my blog! ;) ( Plus I got half the fee they owed me, so not a total loss, but like I said, a real learning experience!!

We have decided on Morgan Amira Taylor. Amira is Arabic for "Rich, cultivated princess." :) One can hope. Watch, she'll be a dirty-kneed tomboy, but oh well! I still think it's pretty!!

I am 30 weeks today,(only 10 weeks left!!!) but if someone else tells me I look like I could go any day, I will take to kicking shins....cuz, you know, I can't do any other damage with this big damn belly in the way!! Geeez, a girl gets a little busy, has a few weeks of eating some extra stuff she wouldn't normally eat and suddenly when I wear orange, I look like I'm holding a pumpkin. True story. A neighbor saw me in jeans and an orange tank with a brown sweater and said, "Holy crap! I thought you were holding a pumpkin!! You could put triangles on your boobs and go as a jack o'lantern for Halloween in that shirt!!" I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry! This from my best friend's kids' stepmother. Never liked that bitch anyway. She.....she.....well, even now, I cannot think of a good comeback. Except that I know my weight will be gone within the next 12 months. Can she say the same thing? hmmmmm??

You don't even want to know what not one, but two people said to me at Great Clips....well, ok, you probably do, but I'm not gonna share because then I'll start crying. People are so rude. And I've never met so many "blurters" in my life----is there a disconnect between your brain and your mouth?!! Freaken A!! Get some manners people!! It's not innocent teasing, people have said some really rude stuff! And I'm NOT FAT!!!! I've SEEN fat people bigger than I am while I'm pregnant for God's sake!!!

ok. feel a little better now. didn't realize how much that was bothering me! moving on!

I've been working on some illustrations for a woman who is doing a website of Create a Cards. I am doing a pilot, a fireman, and a train engineer. You can order MY ART (how freaken cool is that?!) on your children's invitations either as-is or you will be able to add your own child's head to the picture! :) Now, I haven't heard from her since Tuesday afternoon, which has not been like her throughout our business relationship, and I'm getting anxious, because the deadline is, well, today, and she has some approvals to do yet....trying to stay positive. Hope everything still goes through as it's supposed to!!

And finally, I start school on Monday. Just got into the Art Institute of Pittsburgh--Online. I've never done online classes, but I'll be pursuing my Associates in Graphic Design. (I didn't feel like all the rigmarole of doing another Bachelor's!) I'll start out part-time, which is 1 class a quarter (6 weeks) and then in a the spring, when Morgan's a bit older, move on to 2 classes a quarter. 2 quarters to a normal college semester, so I could feasibly finish 4-6 classes in a 16-18 week period! I should be done in 2 years. If I push it, maybe less!! I am muy frustrated by Photoshop and know I could get lots more freelance jobs if I had some more software knowledge under my belt!! This will teach me Photoshop and Illustrator at the least. There's a whole list of Adobe products I'll be learning---yay!!! :)

Top Ten Ways I Hate Waking Up:

1. Ian shrieking about something over the monitor. Usually starts with a whine and works it's way quickly to a high pitched shriek. More annoying: rushing in to find he's mouth-opened asleep. Looks peaceful. Yay.

2. My alarm, buzzing so hard it's almost dancing off the night stand.

3. My husband's freight train snoring. Which often continues even when I've nudged him several times, or worse yet, I get a belligerent response when I finally hiss at him, he's like, "what the hell?! why are you waking me up in the middle of the night?!" Yeah, I could say the same thing!

4. Feeling someone staring at me and when I open my eyes one of my children is standing beside the bed....naked. Followed by the words, "Mom, I peed my bed."

5. Similarly being poked or prodded in uncomfortable places, like my eye, by a child....who's naked.

6. My obnoxious cat, crying piteously, but loudly and 3am.

7. Cold and hanging off the edge of the bed because my husband is dreaming of being in a king size bed by himself apparently.

8. By my dog Trinity's cold nose on any exposed skin followed by high pitched whining.

9. My fire alarm, which, when the batteries are low, begins to chirp this high pitched chirp followed by a melodious female voice saying, "low...battery." Chirp! ( I cannot stand either high pitched noises or repetitive noises....I know, it's like auditory intolerance!)

10. Disoriented and still tired, before I realize the reason I'm awake is because I have to pee and therefore exit my warm bed.


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