Thursday, March 4, 2010

Staying Healthy

I am trying to be more healthy. I’m trying to exercise more too, and I thought I’d share my latest exercise regime with you:

1. Forearm exercise: Scooping really hard ice cream. I really strain on this one, which is probably not good for my carpal tunnel. Perhaps I should be stretching before I do this ….

2. Quads: carrying clean laundry upstairs. I really hate this one, so I try to do 3 quick trips one after the other, that way I only have to do it like twice a week.

3. Legs: wearing only slippers and a thin sweater (rather than say, a coat and shoes and yes, I'm dressed!!), sprint to the mailbox to get the mail and back in the dead of winter (or the scorching heat of summer, whatever!). Repeat daily. Alternate: hop out of the car and run around it to let Ian out at school. Run back around the car to the driver’s seat. Sometimes, when it’s my turn to carpool, I do it twice in one day! I know, the baby weight will be melting off of me before I know it!! 120 lbs, here I come!

4. Arms: Folding laundry really slowly while watching Oprah. Lift, fold, put on pile. Repeat. Hey, if I have a good 4 loads to fold at once (which I usually do), that is, like, tiring! My arms really hurt after that. I try not to do that too often and the way I get around it is by wearing laundry straight from the basket. Saves me a step! ;)

Also, I am watching my diet. My mom keeps encouraging me to eat more organic food and less processed food. I recently bought organic sugar, but that stuff is like $3 a bag for half as much! AND because it is different sugar, you need to use more! That’s half as much but using it twice as fast!! Yeah, do the math. That’s what we call mental exercising! (hey, burns calories too! Don’t knock it!)

Now, my birthday is this weekend and my mom wanted to know what I wanted to eat---that’s the tradition you know, you get to pick the menu and the kind of cake you want. Been doing that since I was 5. This year, I couldn’t pick my favorite: pot roast, with potatoes and carrots and gravy. My mom had just fixed that for me as my first post-operative meal last week. So instead, I picked potato soup (which has now morphed into potatoes au gratin I think----"po-tay-toes!  Boil 'em, mash 'em, put 'em in a stew!"  name that movie quote!!), honey spiral ham and a death by chocolate layer cake. Hey, gotta keep up with my diet, so I’ll make sure she uses organic chocolate! ;)

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