Monday, June 28, 2010

Movie on TV: The Proposal

 Ok, I've seen this before, but it was on one of my cable movie channels and I watched it again because it has 2 of my favorite things: Sandra Bullock and a nude scene with Ryan Reynolds. 

This movie totally cracks me up.  I adore Sandra Bullock and she is at her best in this as an uptight Canadian editor working in New York City, about to get deported.  Ryan Reynolds is her beleaguered assistant who has endured the hellish job of keeping her happy in the hopes of becoming an editor himself.  When she realizes she's about to head back to Canada, she blurts to her bosses that she's about to get her assistant Andrew!  Revenge being a bitch, he gets the upper hand as he tells the bosses he's about to introduce her to his family... in Alaska.  Betty White, who plays Andrew/Ryan Reynold's "Gammy," is a show-stealer and has great chemistry with Sandra Bullock.  The funniness of the movie progresses from giggles to laugh-out-loud funny.  Some of my favorite scenes:  the nude one of course, Ryan Reynolds trying to sing "It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right," and the dance scene in the woods with Gammy and Sandra Bullock's Margaret Tate---too funny!! 
I give this romantic comedy an A+.

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