Friday, July 23, 2010

Movie Review: Eclipse

  This link is just for the book (and c'mon, who hasn't read the book yet?!  I mean, except for Jenn! LOL)  I actually saw this a few days after it came out and for some reason, did not review it!! I don't know what my problem was!

Has anyone noticed that Kristen Stewart has these little affectations that she does no matter what movie she's in?  When she hesitates, or is feigning hesitation, she does the same look away, a little breath, pursing of the lips---she puts her hands to her mouth a lot too and is always running her hands through her hair, no matter what character she is.  Well, this time, I noticed she didn't do that nearly as much!  I don't know what they did to her look this time, but her eyes were a very dark brown and her hair, I know, was a wig and I think darker than her natural color.  I felt she really looked like Bella this time, what I imagined her to look like and she acted like her too!  lol  Her delivery was a lot better this time, no distracting tics or anything.  I think it might've been the director, that's the only thing I can think of!  And Rob Pattinson, he does the subtle stuff superbly but needs some serious help on the more...overt emotions shall we say?  He does great when he's doing the half smile, the tilt of the head, the arching of an eyebrow---but really angry vampire?  Not so much.  He just looks goofy every time!  I mean, remember the scene at the end of Twilight, where he's supposed to suck Bella's blood just enough to get the venom out?  And then he goes all vamp and just keeps sucking and sucking?  His eyes were bulging out of his head and he was swaying and his veins were bulging.  It was ridiculous.  We were laughing. 

So too is the scene where he's all ticked off about Jacob kissing Bella and he's yelling at him.  It just came across as fake!  But otherwise, there were some great scenes here, like when Victoria is being chased by both vamps and wolves, that really got the adrenaline rushing!  Great scene!  And I think the complexity of Bella and Jacob's relationship comes across well here.  Taylor Lautner does a great job as cocky Jacob but he's actually less annoying in the movie than he was in the book!  In the book, you just want to reach into the pages and shake him.  Hard.  Less so here! lol Final scenes were pretty good, but all in all, I thought this was the best one yet and one my husband may even want to watch! ;) I give this one an A-.

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  1. hey!!! i do read this blog so i see what you say about me. :) i'm not a reader. i like movies better. i like to see it b/c i don't have a good imagination.


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