Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Old Book...

of prayers, I almost forgot I had it! It has such a large variety of categories of prayers (for others, for kids, for comfort, etc) as well as many types of prayers (modern prose, biblical quotes, poetry, etc).  I can always find something for my mood or situation but I had put it aside for a few months, I guess I was feeling tired of the same prayers, but I've rediscovered it! :) 

Here is one of my favorites, the last line always gives me chills:
A Burdened Awakening
by Amy Carmichael

My thoughts had said,
Lord, I am weary of the way;
I am afraid to face another day--
                                 Frustrated, limited,
                                 Guarded, confined, where I would go
                                 By close-set "cannots," that like hedges grow
                                 About me now. And then our dear Lord said,
                                 "I am about thy bed."

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