Friday, July 30, 2010

The White Trash Look

Wow, I’ve had a pretty cool day, minus the mother of a slice I got from a STAPLE. Yes, a staple. Here’s the complication: it’s on my middle finger. I know what you’re thinking but no, I can still flip people off. It the fact that my mouse pad thingie on my laptop doesn’t respond to the rubbery band-aid I have on it! So----sigh---I might just have to endure some pain in order to finish this blog. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make I guess.

However, the reason I was handling something that had a such a dangerous staple on it was because my hubby was replacing our front light. We bought this house 5 years ago and many, ok, ALL of the brass lights are still on it. I hate brass! So we changed out the 2 lights on either side of our garage as well as our front step light with these pretty black teardrop shaped lights with the flawed glass, the ones with the bubbles in it so it looks handmade? In fact, Jay even said, “Are you sure you want these? There’s something wrong with the glass!” lol The extra little pieces were in a plastic bag rolled 50 times and then stapled, to make sure you’d break a sweat trying to get them out. After all, it’s not worth it if you don’t have to sweat for it! The front step light is a little bigger and takes up some of the empty space by the front door. And underneath we have pots with purple and pink petunias---I just love it!! Now we just have to go back and get 2 more for the back; one for the deck and one beside the walk-out basement door and we’ll be all set! …..and then when we move, I’m gonna want to take those suckers with me and will leave them with nothing but wires hanging out! Don’t laugh, I did that when we moved here with a pendant light I couldn’t part with! Lol

And then on the deck I got rid of 2 plant stands that had rusted….and 2 yellow painted buckets that had rusted…and 2 green plastic planters that had cracked and were missing dirt due to, of all things, my stupid dog! She actually lifted her front paws UP a good foot and then proceeded to DIG in my POTTED PLANTS. Still a head scratcher! And then the other day, I catch her munching on dirt, just cruising by on her way to the door, thrusts her head into the damn planter and munches! WTF?? I don’t get it! At any rate, I decided the poor white trash look is passé, so I ditched all the rusted stuff and put two plastic square tan pots on either side of the slider and put some pretty purple flowers out there that I don’t know the names of but the cards said they attract butterflies, which Ian was really stoked about.

And speaking of stoked, I was so excited to call the dry cleaners and ask for an appointment for alterations. I’m thinking, “not taking the kids. If they don’t have an opening tomorrow, I’ve got to wait two weeks until Jay is home before I can go!” And of course, once I’d made up my mind to spend some extra money on myself, to get altered several pairs of jeans, 2 dresses, a tube top and a blouse---I HAD to get it done. They were hanging separately in the front of my closet, and had been, for a good 6 months, totally screwing up my closet organization system. A system I have had in place since I was a wee thing. Seriously. I have. And frankly, it was annoying me on a daily basis, adding to my stress, to open my closet and see them, out of place. But they had an opening TODAY. So went and had pants hemmed and waists cinched and a halter topped dress made into a cross-back-strap dress and a boxy blouse taken in to show my waist and a large tube top I wore while pregnant (I know, not pretty, but it was an empire-waisted tube top with a flowy bottom!) but liked so much, I decided to keep it! So now they are gone and I’m going to have clothes that will fit me like a glove!! Woohoo!! I don’t remember the last time…ok, total lie, I completely remember when I last wore clothes that fit me, it was February of 2009. That was the last time I could fit into clothes that I had had altered to fit me and THOSE alterations I’m still too chubby for, but I’m working on it!

I got a hand me down stationary bike from my grandfather and we added it to the room where Jay had put the weight bench. So now it’s like we have our own little gym down there, which is pretty spiffy! And now we just need another light in that dim room. And a fan, it gets hot down there. And one of those balls that I can do crunches on. And get the 19” flatscreen down there actually hooked up to something so we can watch TV and THEN it will be just like we have our own little gym! ;) But the bike is cool, you can hold this handle and its metal surface takes and monitors your pulse. Or you can have it track a bunch of other info. And it has a clear lip on it for setting a book or magazine! Almost as good as a working TV! ;) I plan on going down for some peace and quiet as soon as the boys are in bad…well, once I get my homework assignment done. Dang! Look at the time! I’ve really got to get that assignment done!! TTFN! 

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