Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Darth Vader and Tetris...

Ok, so I added some more fun stuff!  Darth Vader and Tetris (one of my all-time favorite games!) have also been added!  :)  enjoy!  After all, I'm only here to make sure you're all happy and laughing and smiling....

Mr. T Quotes

Just for fun, I added some Mr. T quotes! ;)  I wish it did NOT include an ad but instead included a picture of Mr. T, but what can you do??

*sigh*  The boys are playing a Mario Bros. Smash up game or something?  We rented it and they can be any video game character they want and then they fight?  Well, they can be Kirby and this other character I don't recognize.  Further, each of these characters can suck air in and pull almost everything in the surrounding area into their bellies and spit it back out as a fireball or whatever.  They can also suck other characters into their bellies, absorb their energy and spit them out, drained. 

Consequently, I keep hearing, "Hey Ian, can I suck you?"  "Yeah, go ahead!"   oy.  I gotta go remind them not to say that in public! ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

19 Minutes with Charlaine Harris

My sister Steph and I went to see one of our favorite authors , Charlaine Harris, speak at Shippensburg University. Steph came up from MD to my house and then we rode out to Shippensburg where neither of us had ever been before. (Wow, so far this is a really boring story, but it gets better, I promise! ) It only took about 45 minutes to get out there and we were really afraid that it was going to be crowded, what with the popularity of True Blood….wait, I forgot, you all may not know off the top of your head who Ms. Harris is. Well. She is the author of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries which is the basis for the TV show on HBO called True Blood. So you can see why we might’ve been afraid it would be packed.
Now Steph had called about 4 weeks ahead to SU and the woman there said she’d gotten lots of calls, but there was plenty of parking and the auditorium was huge, she promised. The doors opened at 6pm for the lecture to start at 7pm.

A little background: SU puts out a journal twice a year. They print it themselves and it is interesting the way it works: they announce a topic, a theme, and take all writings about that theme. The theme for September 2009’s issue was Vampires, Parasites and Invaders. From what I read, they were taking poems, non-fiction and some fiction if I remember correctly. It’s hard to find out information because their journal, Proteus, does not have a website (I know, right??). So anyhoo Charlaine Harris was like the featured writer for that journal issue. And we thought it’d be crowded, that there would be a line to get in waiting for the doors to open. And we were afraid the weather would be crappy and we’d have to wait outside in it. And the fact that we’d be driving and waiting for the doors to open and listening to the lecture all through the dinner hour---well we were afraid we’d be hungry too and wouldn’t have time (or any idea as to where) to eat.

All fears were unfounded to say the least and apparently, we should’ve been more concerned with getting home, but that’s later in the story.

So we drive out there, there’s plenty of parking and there’s no one outside at 5:15pm. We go to this hole in the wall restaurant (where I could’ve parked right in front, in the LAST space available, but when I stopped and started to back up, this car full of f__tard (fill in the blank) college students zipped right up on my butt so I couldn’t back up. I swear, people should have IQ tests before getting their licenses!! Just because they’re in college doesn’t mean they’re smart enough to be driving!!....I feel better now) We had steak wraps with chips and ranch dip. We get back to campus at about 6:10pm and there’s no one waiting outside. There are plenty of (elderly) attendants waiting to pounce on us as soon as we walked in, all trying to be helpful at the same time. We noted the good size spread of books for sale but after standing there indecisively for a solid 3 minutes Steph finally said, “Look, why don’t you see if you want one afterwards?” So we grabbed our copies of Proteus (free of charge! Thank you Shippensburg University!) and went quick-stepping down the ramp to the lower level of the auditorium. We peered in anxiously to find….auditorium maybe a quarter of the way full and plenty of seats up front. We sat in the third row.

It was awesome. It was 19 minutes of awesome. And then she was done. We couldn’t believe we had driven so far and she had only spoken for 19 fricken minutes!! But then there was like a good 30-40 minutes of Q & A. Overall, she’s really funny and it was great fun hanging out with my sister of course, because she’s one of my absolute favorite people. Then we waited in line for I don’t know how long—30 minutes? – to get her autograph and get a picture with her. She’s so darned nice and she chatted with everyone. I mean, you don’t want to wait in line for forever but then you want a few minutes with her when you get up there, so it’s a catch 22: you want everyone else to hurry the heck up and then you want to be able to linger with the author yourself! ;) At any rate, I could tell the attendant want to keep things moving, and I had 2 things I wanted her to autograph and a student of SU took our picture for us and then we were moving on and I hadn’t said more than, “can you sign this to…” Steph had the presence of mind to actually say how much she liked her work. Not me. Brilliant.

So then we see a fan in line with Starbucks and we pounce.
“Where did you get that coffee??”
Her intelligent friends says, “Starbucks.”
Well, duh.
Her friend tells us it’s on campus at the library. She tries to direct us and tells us it’s a 3 minute walk. We decide to drive over and walk but it’s still not clear (library not labeled on road side but on interior side….helpful!!) By the 3rd student we stop, we aren’t even asking nicely, we’re just saying, “Starbucks?” in an increasingly desperate tone. Finally we get there, there’s a good size line and no bathroom. We had to use the (disgusting) library bathroom around the corner. We head back to the car and get on the road, chatting happily about Charlaine (yeah, we call her Charlaine now, we’re like this) . We hop back on 81 after a brief directions check and continue talking. We’ve never had this much time alone that I can recall! No kids, no other family around, just us in the car, talking up a storm. We talked about music and TV and books. We laughed and laughed and sipped our Starbucks. It was great. Until I noticed a sign. It said:

Maryland Memorial Highway.
I’m sorry, what?
I mention the sign to Steph. We panic.
I pull out a map but it’s only for York County, PA. We’ve been driving a good 30 minutes or more, wondering where the signs for 83 were and now there are signs we’re in MARYLAND!!! The map gets pitched.

I pull over at a gas station. As we pull up, I see a heavy-set greasy-haired woman with glasses glance out the side window as if checking for something and then start to move away from the counter. She notices us, but doesn’t notice me noticing her and I read her lips: “Shit” she says before moving back behind the counter.

My sister dashes in and asks where we can get on 83 North.
The woman looks at Steph as if she were stupid and asks where we’re trying to get to.
Steph says “York” and the woman says, “New York?”
Yeah. Who’s the stupid one now?
“No, York, PA” Steph answers.
“Honey, you’re still in Maryland,” she says.
Steph: “GAK!!”
“You need to go out here and get on 81 going NORTH and you’ll see signs from there,” she says helpfully.
Steph gets back in the car and we marvel that we got on 81 going the wrong way---how?? How had we done that?? We checked the direction, we checked the signs….sigh.

I drive like a bat out of hell. We pass Shippensburg again with a groan and continue until we see signs and more familiar territory. It took us 45 minutes to out there and 2 and a ½ to get back. We missed the coffee/reading /further sister time we had been fantasizing about. Morgan had consumed all the pumped milk I left, so I showered, got Ian’s stuff ready for school the next day and still had to change and nurse the baby. I didn’t get to bed til 1am.

All for 19 mintues with Charlaine Harris. Good times.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TV Quote of the Week

From Justified with Timothy Olyphant playing Raylan Givins, a modern-day cowboy/federal marshall:

Crow (bad guy, enters house looking for girl who murdered his friend, sees Raylan in his dark suit and tie, cowboy hat):  Who the hell are you?  The undertaker?

Raylan, flashing his gun as he whips out his badge:  No, I'm a federal marshall...but I'm fixin' to undertake this situation.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Optical Illusion

This is a video my color theory instructor had our class watch.  We are dealing with transparency and illusions this week. This guy is pretty cool, Beau Lotto.   Let me know what you think!  It really made me think as an artist---I am learning in leaps and bounds!! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey guys!  Do me a favor, will you?  Consider it my birthday present (and if you weren't going to get me anything, consider this a free adn easy thing you can unexpectedly do for my birthday! :) ) and register as a follower please?  I want to be able to use maintaining this blog as part of my writing experience when I write to a literary agent and I can't really do that if I only have like 3 followers listed!  To the right, there is more than one option for registering as one of my "followers."  Please pick one and add yourself!  THANKS!!
Kiss Kiss.

"Cougar Town" Quote of the Week

As soon as I 'm done this, I'm going to go add this to the TV Show page!  I don't know how I forgot it, I love this show!! (Jay thinks the guys on this show are hilarious!!)

Set Up:  Courtney Cox wants to wax her arm-pits every 9 days but almost passes out from the pain when she pulls the papers off herself.  She gets her neighbor Grayson (secret crush) to do it for her---he loves it.  Nine days later, she does it again only Grayson isn't home so she asks her son, Travis, to do it for her:

Jules:  Awww c'mon!  Grayson isn't home!  C'mon, just grab on and I'll run away real quick!!

Staying Healthy

I am trying to be more healthy. I’m trying to exercise more too, and I thought I’d share my latest exercise regime with you:

1. Forearm exercise: Scooping really hard ice cream. I really strain on this one, which is probably not good for my carpal tunnel. Perhaps I should be stretching before I do this ….

2. Quads: carrying clean laundry upstairs. I really hate this one, so I try to do 3 quick trips one after the other, that way I only have to do it like twice a week.

3. Legs: wearing only slippers and a thin sweater (rather than say, a coat and shoes and yes, I'm dressed!!), sprint to the mailbox to get the mail and back in the dead of winter (or the scorching heat of summer, whatever!). Repeat daily. Alternate: hop out of the car and run around it to let Ian out at school. Run back around the car to the driver’s seat. Sometimes, when it’s my turn to carpool, I do it twice in one day! I know, the baby weight will be melting off of me before I know it!! 120 lbs, here I come!

4. Arms: Folding laundry really slowly while watching Oprah. Lift, fold, put on pile. Repeat. Hey, if I have a good 4 loads to fold at once (which I usually do), that is, like, tiring! My arms really hurt after that. I try not to do that too often and the way I get around it is by wearing laundry straight from the basket. Saves me a step! ;)

Also, I am watching my diet. My mom keeps encouraging me to eat more organic food and less processed food. I recently bought organic sugar, but that stuff is like $3 a bag for half as much! AND because it is different sugar, you need to use more! That’s half as much but using it twice as fast!! Yeah, do the math. That’s what we call mental exercising! (hey, burns calories too! Don’t knock it!)

Now, my birthday is this weekend and my mom wanted to know what I wanted to eat---that’s the tradition you know, you get to pick the menu and the kind of cake you want. Been doing that since I was 5. This year, I couldn’t pick my favorite: pot roast, with potatoes and carrots and gravy. My mom had just fixed that for me as my first post-operative meal last week. So instead, I picked potato soup (which has now morphed into potatoes au gratin I think----"po-tay-toes!  Boil 'em, mash 'em, put 'em in a stew!"  name that movie quote!!), honey spiral ham and a death by chocolate layer cake. Hey, gotta keep up with my diet, so I’ll make sure she uses organic chocolate! ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Pages!!

Hey guys, long time, no type! :)
I will be posting fairly regularly again soon (I hope!) but in the meantime, check out the new page links at the top of my main here! This is new for blogspot and about time I say! I will be adding new items up there as well, so check back often! This is becoming a really interesting, interactive place if I do say so myself! ;) I am trying to use my new skills to design my own header, so keep an eye out for that as well!
The natives are restless, better go feed them I guess!


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