Friday, October 8, 2010

Long Time, No Write

Wow, I didn't realize how long it has been since I've written!! So sorry!!
Here's the update in a very large, very heavy nutshell:

Busy school schedule, with soccer and spanish club now thrown into the mix.  Ian is having a crazy hard time adjusting to first grade and I'm kind of worried that his very capable teacher is just too soft-spoken and gentle for Ian.  He needs a very firm hand but hopefully he'll adjust soon...hopefully.  Otherwise, the boy won't be playing the Wii again until he's about 13!

Some minor health issues that should be identified and cleared up in the next week or so.  Had an endoscopy--got to sleep through it! shew! :)  Encouraged to remove the following from my diet: tomato and tomato sauce (*sob* goodbye Italian!  Pizza, I'll need to cut back...maybe lose the pepperoni....can't just say goodbye!), spicy food (goodbye Mexican!), caffeine (already decaffed! bullet dodged!!), nuts (ok, this one just strikes me as weird!...but ok.), and .....and chocolate (*swoon!*  don't count on it!!). 

Withdrew from school (for the first time ever in my life!! I think I am just now getting over that!); life drawing was just too much for me, 6 drawings a week or more and that was just too much!

Switched from Netflix to and not sure whether or not I like it better....I liked the instant play option on netflix and miss that. wants to charge you if you want to download a movie to your computer---it is more expensive overall and they charge you for every little thing!! Not sure we'll be holding on to this but we got it so the boys could rent games without paying 9 stinkin (riiiiiiip oooofffffff!!) dollars for a week's worth of play.  I'm glad I didn't outright cancel our subscription at netflix but just suspended it for 2 months, to see how this goes.

Morgan's crawling all over the place and chewing on everything with her two little teefers!  (nuff said!  that accounts for like 50% of my time!!)

House is all decorated for Halloween.  Halloween costumes: Check.  Bag of candy that weighs as much as Morgan:  check. Items for Gabe's preschool Halloween grab bags: check.  Welling of pride from being so on top of things: double check! ;)  Already planning for hosting Thanksgiving dinner!  Have been trying to buy one or two things with each grocery trip and looking for some different recipes online.

Ian has been overflowing his pull-up and waking me up earlier and earlier.  Several mornings in a row I was awakened between the ungodly hour of 5 and the still-too-early hour of 6am because his bed was wet.  I had him put his very sturdy, prone to thrashing in his sleep, 6 year old body in our bed for the first few times until I realized: DUH I have a spare bed that is empty right across the hall!  In he went the 4th morning and that was better.  Just saw a Sleep Number Bed commercial and thought, "you know what would make me sleep better?  NOT BEING INTERRUPTED!!! That's what would make me sleep better!!"  lol

And, apro po of nothing, this has been bothering me all day:  what is wrong with Lisa Rinna's face??? I used to really like her and now her face looks like the Joker.  I don't know if she did something to her cheeks or to her lips or both, but yowza!!  On the flipside:  I like how Joaquin Phoenix's face is looking nowadays.  Joaquin: don't ever scare us like that again!!

Speaking of skin, the movie Skinwalkers is gay. Don't watch it. I am watching it for the second time and while Jason Behr looks good, he don't sound so good (not his finest acting) and the special effects are pretty B Movie.  Best scene:  a grandma in the beginning who is involved in a shoot-out in the middle of the street, asking the 11 year old boy with her to re-load for her--out of the blue too, the kid has never seen this side of his cookie-baking grandma and he seems a little stunned.  I was laughing out loud.  Perhaps inappropriately but oh well, there you have it! lol

Busy day tomorrow---hoping to get in a fall festival at some point this season, we always had a great one at my little Catholic school down in Linthicum, MD, not sure if they still do it, but I have very fond memories of it! :)  Excited to expose my kids to a Fall Festival!

Happy Fall!!!


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