Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Something new!!

I have discovered
Consequently, I have removed the widget attached to showing my favorite books which should speed up the loading of my blog---hey keep the cheering down, I can't hear to type! geesh. 
My goodreads account is (supposedly) attached to my FB page, however, I don't see it.  Because, of course, for the bazillionth time, FB has changed it's cuss layout. 

Tangent:  I cussing LOVE Fantastic Mr.Fox!  You gotta watch it.  It's helping me with my addiction to curse words! lol ;)  I just say "cuss" all the time now.  George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Willem Defoe and more!  How could you not want to cussin' watch it??

Anyhoo, I am trying to get all my different stuff linked up---Facebook, goodreads, Twitter and my blog.  Now I can just add books to goodreads and I can do book reviews right on there with stars and will provide a link to goodreads on my blog when I do reviews.  :)  Just trying to streamline and make networking a little easier.  :)

Gonna get a shower and a (possibly) healthy snack!

My Child is a GEEEEnius!!

Morgan has been learning new words in leaps and bounds! For example:
Boh!! = book
Bra! = brother
Bah = ball
But sneering while saying “bah” is for cat. I’m not sure why.
Beh= toy….I think.
Buh! = bubby, her stuffed animal/lovey
Doh! = done or all done
Deh = dad (she’s got quite an extensive vocabulary here!)
Ma! MA-MUH!!! Of course is her bellow for me.

And I’ve just officially turned into that woman that nobody wants to talk to after I say “I’m a stay at home mom…..” My alternative topic of conversation: my unfinished book. Good for putting children to sleep too.

I am taking a break from writing. The first day on my revised schedule. I recognize now that the best time to write is in the morning. By 1pm, I’m struggling to get into it. By 3pm, I’m falling asleep at the keyboard (which may or may not be saying something about my subject matter….or I could just be sleep deprived!).

However, my children are all home from school and Morgan is outgrowing her morning nap. Consequently, I’ve had approximately 3, 216 interruptions, including but not limited to: one poopy diaper change, one snack break, 6 meltdowns (that’s a total between all 3 kids), 2 fights, one hissy fit (that was me), one screaming match (ok, that was me too) and exactly 37 minutes of quiet over the course of 3 hours.

Today is my cleaning day, which I have decided to do in the afternoon. I have to consciously walk away from dirty items like my throw rugs, to save them for either laundry day or cleaning day because otherwise, I get caught up in cleaning very quickly, especially if it’s quiet in the house and I start thinking, “I’ll just get this done really quick, while the baby’s sleeping….” When REALLY those are the IDEAL times to be writing. I’m learning to ignore my inner clean freak, but it is really not easy some days! And conversely, when I want to write, like today, but know that I’ve put off cleaning a few things the last 2 days in anticipation of cleaning today so I have to get that done. So here’s what I propose: I’m going to fix the kids lunch and then put the baby to bed. THEN I’m going to set the timer for one hour and clean like a maniac. Hopefully she’ll still be asleep by the time I’m done and I can do a good hour of writing. Plus, hopefully the cleaning will help get some blood flowing and I won’t fall asleep at the keyboard!! THEN, while Oprah is on, I will be in the work out room, you know, working out. I’ve read it’s much better for you body to do it in the afternoon. Then fix dinner….and the evening routine sweeps me away and I might have some quiet again by like 8pm. We’ll see… (OH but I want to watch Jonah Hex tonight!!)

It still kills me to not write when I want to and to not clean when I feel it needs doing. But overall, I think I get more done in both spheres if I stick to a loose schedule and routine. I will stop and jot things down if I think of something while doing chores or cleaning or fixing a meal. I find I get more ideas if I honor the ones I get and record them. It keeps the creativity flowing. And I clean things when I see them in the kitchen or the powder room—the most used bathroom—so it won’t haunt me every time I pass it! I keep telling myself: stick to the systems you have created! They work, they keep you focused and keep you from getting all frazzled and disconnected, unable to gauge how much I’ve actually gotten done!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


We are actually getting snow flurries!! :)  Time to grab some lunch and head to MD to swap gifts with my mom.  Baby is all snotty with a cold which I now have of course, so hopefully we can all nap on the way down...except Jay.  He needs to drive.  No sleeping for him! ;)

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and may you have a restful day full of family and good food and fun!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole is awesoooooome!!!!  We did this last year, thanks to ....Jenn?  Is that where I got it from?  Well, let's be honest, I get most of "my" good ideas from Jenn! lol :)  Thanks Jenn!!

You answer a bunch of questions about your child and it creates a video personalized to them!  Last year, it was Gabe and potty training I believe and for Ian it was having fits.  They were absolutely amazed when they saw it!  Gotta do it on the DL though, so they don't see you doing it!  And now the website is all done up, looks much more professional, so it must have been really popular last year! 

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Blur!

It's the holidays....and I'm trying to keep them from passing in a blur!

I have been wanting to add to the blog for weeks now, but I changed up my schedule and it feels jam-packed!
Here's what I've done:

Sundays:  change sheets and wash them

Mondays: take down towels all around house and haul all laundry baskets to laundry room to sort and do laundry;  I work on this all day, it is my only major chore!  I work out in the morning for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Tuesdays:  after I run Gabe to school at 9am, I come home, put Morgan down for a nap and write until it's time to pick Gabe up at 11am.  The rest of the day, I do the bare minimum: finish up laundry from the day before, fix meals and clean those up of course as well as changing the baby and picking Ian up from school, but otherwise, I alternate reading and writing all best I can with 3 small children interrupting me of course!  Some days, I feel like all I've done is put out fires, but at least the intention is there I guess!

Wednesdays: work out for 1-2 hours.  Clean the house.  Some days I do more than others.  If I've had a rough night with the baby for example and I'm exhausted, I might only do vacuuming, bed-making and wipe down the bathrooms.  Other days, I wipe anything at all that catches my eye, vacuum and mop everything in sight and wipe down baseboards and ceiling fans.  It just depends!

Thursday: another preschool day, with writing in the mornings and as much as I can get away with in the afternoons.  It's not as much as I'd like, as the kids interrupt me 20 million times!  But I do what I can! I also meal plan and go through my coupons and make my grocery list.
Friday: work out for 1-2 hours and then go grocery shopping with the aim to be home in time for a reasonable timed lunch!  Again, in the afternoons, I try to get in some more writing but Jay gets paid every other Friday so I often end up doing bills and filling in my budgeting spreadsheet

Saturdays and Sundays I try to reserve for family.  Saturday afternoons, I go to 5:30pm Mass so I can sleep in both Saturday AND Sunday!  Sundays, I go through the Sunday papers and clip coupons.  I catch up on watching movies and DVR, etc.  Just try to keep things relaxing.

I find that as long as I know that there are days coming for me to write and/or relax, I can keep things moving along smoothly as well as keep any anxieties I may have down. Regular exercising also helps I think!

I did Thanksgiving again this year (not last because I was pregnant!) and now we have Morgan's birthday and then Christmas hot on its tail followed by New's Year's Day brunch.   Every spare moment I have, that I'm not cooking or cleaning or baking or running errands I am trying to spend good quality time with my children or I'm writing. 

Consequently, my children are noticeably calmer (as am I!) and I'm getting more writing done!

So, since it may be sporadic with the writing until after the 1st of the year, here are a few funnies to keep you going!

Gabe: Mommy, I really like you.
Me: well thanks bud, I hope so! I’m your mommy!
Gabe: yeah…..except when you smack my butt, I don’t like that part!

Watching “Home Alone,” he hears the little boy’s name is Kevin and says:
Gabe: Kevin? Hey that’s God’s name!
Me: wha…? That’s God’s name?
Gabe: yeah!
Jay: did you just say that’s GOD? Are you saying God?
Gabe: yeah! Kevin!
Jay: where did you hear that??
Gabe: at school….
Me: do you mean Jesus?
Gabe: oh, yeah, Jesus. That’s it!

And finally....

Ian, filling out an “All About Me” worksheet for school, he asks where he was born. I write it down so he can copy it. He reads what I wrote:
Ian: Baltimore?? I was born in Baltimore?
Me: yep!
Ian: oh….wait, how do you know?
Me: (laughing) well, because I was there!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!!!


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