Monday, January 10, 2011

Bacon and Egg Salad

    Another recipe from Nigella Kitchen (STILL don't like that title!!) that she says is comfort food.  I had to purchase garlic-flavored olive oil from the grocery store for this and it was about $7 I think (which made me cough and choke as I put it in the cart).  One of the steps for this recipe was to cut up bacon or lardons (French bacon I think?) and cook it in the garlic oil.  The smell was heavenly.  It smelled rich and smoky and like we had a restaurant in my house!  I also had to purchase escarole for this which was different for me as we usually get romaine as our regular lettuce or I like the spring greens, so I was curious to see what this would taste like. You hard-boil some eggs (she talks about not hard boiling them all the way so the yolks are soft and the whites are "silky", I think she says? And um, no.  So, I didn't do it that way! lol)  I did like cooking the bacon this way--usually I lay bacon on a paper towel-covered paper plate and microwave, one minute on high for each piece of bacon on the plate.  It gets it nice and crispy, no limp fatty edges here!  But this recipe called for cutting the raw bacon and putting it in chunks in the pan for cooking, which worked out fine too!

                              I then used the leftover drippings from cooking the bacon and added a few other ingredients (dijon mustard for one) and whisked them together.  First time making my own dressing too!  (stop saying "really??")  I followed the directions for putting the salad together and make some garlic toast for crunching on the side.  My hubby and I each had two servings and Gabe, at 4 y.o., ate a good-sized bowl himself but of course Ian wouldn't touch it.  It's salad.  He refuses to do salad. 

                            Now, I love a good salad for dinner some nights, for a change of pace so this was fine for me!  Jay didn't mind it but he's a meat and potatoes man, so I think he would've liked this as more a side salad.  The baby ate the bacon.  What are you gonna do? lol 



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