Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have been working hard the past few days to find free ways to get some more readers.  You'll see to the left places where I've joined to advertise more.  You can vote for me by clicking on those links. 

To the right you'll see 2 places that are associated with BlogFrog.  One shows the current discussion topics in my NEW LaLaLand community.  This community is where you can discuss my blog and connect with other readers of my blog!  I went with a Gilmore Girls theme!  All the discussions relate to what I already talk about here (books, movies, recipes and parenting) but with Gilmore Girls' related titles.  Cute, no?  :)  (ok, so maybe it is a "no" for you, but I like it! lol).  See a topic that interests you?  Click on the box to take you where you want to go! Hope to see you all there soon!! :)

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