Monday, January 17, 2011

Chocolate Banana Muffins

 I was very excited to make these (yet another Nigella Kitchen recipe!!) and they turned out .....ok.  Not fantastic, but just ok.  I was kinda disappointed, truth be told.  Not as chocolatey as I thought they'd be.  Now, I did only use 2 bananas (it was all I had!) instead of 3 and I think I will definitely be using 3 next time---they weren't moist enough and I think that was the cause.  Additionally, I think I'll add some mini chocolate chips...and I'm not a big fan of chocolate for breakfast, but still, even my mom said those exact words:  You know what would really make these taste good Lara?  Chocolate chips!   My mom and I are often on the same wavelength like that! lol  Here is what mine looked like:


  1. I could really use one of those muffins right about now! Found you on blogfrog. Hope can stop by and follow back!


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