Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Stuck!!

Just so you know, I had every intention of putting up several blog posts about recipes and books until my stinkin laptop died! Power is apparently not actually making it to the motherboard.

Consequently, I'm in the frigid basement with a tiny space heater trying to use my  hubby's "beast" computer which is set up for gaming, not writing.  No word on here, people, no office of any kind, no Microsoft suites to be found.  Illustrator? Laughable.  This is like roughing it.  Not to mention I can't take this up to my warm room and my cozy bed and type.  At least I can check my email periodically and post if I have time---can't do much when kids are awake (speaking of which I have to get them in bed!!).  So I can post here but the real kicker: no working on my book.  Killing me.  I had made great strides on my outline and was getting close to getting back to the writing part and now? *sigh* 

I'm not a good waiter.  A person who waits. Not a waitress.
Anyhoo, I'll be back when I can y'all! :)

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