Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Wrestler on HBO

The Wrestler was very interesting to watch.  As a writer, I often see the structure of the story and can anticipate what happens next or where they are going with something.  Here, they show Randy on his daily rounds, working, struggling with his bills, visiting a stripper at the club and then wrestling on the weekends.  The wrestling is all pre-planned, play-acting but he really enjoys it; he is a star as a matter of fact, in this wrestling world, idolized and sought after.  His whole life revolves around wrestling:  He can't work weekends because of it, he struggles with his bills because he doesn't work on weekends, he spends money on things like getting his hair bleached and going tanning, so he can keep up his wrestling appearance.  But then he has a major health issue and the doctors tell him he needs to scale back and everything starts to fall apart.
This is a heart-wrenching story about a man who has a passion but his passion is killing him.  And how he realizes how much that passion means to him and has been holding him together, how much he needs it.  My husband and I were unprepared for what happened at the end, but again, as a writer, the ending was sort of inevitable!  ;)  Great story either way!  I highly recommend it!
(definitely NOT for kids, there is foul language and nudity.)

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