Tuesday, February 8, 2011

31 Days to Build a Better Blog!

 For my 31 day challenge over at SITS girls, today’s challenge was about condensing down the essence of our blog into a tagline and then into a slightly longer blurb. Since I posted it, I have been thinking and thinking on it!

I think what I really want LaLa Land to be is a cozy place (I think basically everything in my life is aspiring to be cozy! If I had to describe myself in one word, it would totally be cozy!) but I want LaLa Land to be cozy. I don’t know, like coming to a coffee shop and 2nd hand bookshop combined maybe? Or possibly a Dunkin Donuts (the BEST!) set inside a library (because what mom doesn’t like silence, a book and a beverage with a carb on the side??).

I also like the idea of it being a community because, let’s face it, isn’t that why we blog? To put ourselves out there and have someone respond so we know we’re not alone? I like sharing my mommy stories and my family stories because I like others to know they are not alone! We have flub ups. We have kids who are ornery, messes that make us laugh and outrageous things our kids (or other family members!) do that make our jaws drop. None of us are perfect parents, but I have a lot of experience with kids and I know that there are lots of parents out there that are struggling with their kids and over basic things, like bedtimes and eating. So if I feel like I can offer one (of many) solutions that maybe they hadn’t thought of, then I’m pleased to offer that!

And then I started adding things like cooking because, well, I like to eat! I was always a picky picky eater growing up! I was a plain Jane, meat and potatoes kind of eater. But now, after having kids and being worried about eating while pregnant, then while nursing and now while trying to lose post-baby weight, I have had to branch out. I couldn’t constantly eat the same things, my diet needed to change. And sometimes, I come across something tasty or something easy or something that my kids will actually eat and….I wanna share it. Because I’m a sharer. That’s what I do! I get excited about something and I rush to share it!

Which leads to books and movies. (You know that as a SAHM mom I don’t see a lot of adult company, right?) In my {laugh} spare time, I love a good story, whether that’s a book, a movie, a TV show or even a commercial! And of course, I love to talk about it afterwards---either excitedly re-enacting my favorite moments or derisively making fun. But movies and books are the same as good cookin’: when I like one, I gotta share….of course, if it’s terrible, I tend to share that too.

But that’s what LaLa Land is: all my favorites, shared with all my favorite people!


  1. I love that last line. It sums everything up nicely. Sounds very inviting and cozy. :)

  2. Hi Lara - I'm new to blogging and happened upon your site - great tag!

  3. LOVE those buttons! I have to figure out how to do that. Banner too.


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