Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feelin' the Love for the Cookin' Blogs!

I have lately been lovin’ the cooking blogs! There is so much variey but I have actually been able to find a few that are just to my liking! I mean, how rare is that to find more than one cooking site where almost every entry makes you say “bookmarkthat!!”
Each of the recipes I’ve chosen to showcase tell you a little bit about me and what I love to nosh, ok? Here we go:

by the Pioneer Woman
I love chocolate. I also adore peanut butter. Strangely, peanut butter cups not my all-time fave candy (although a mini dark chocolate bar dunked in peanut butter is quite tasty!!). I have an aunt who loves to create desserts (and we love to eat them!!). She makes enough desserts on any given holiday to feed a small army. This recipe reminds me of one of her concoctions---erm, confections. Filing this away for the next holiday….this may be an Easter dinner dessert….

by Mangoes and Chutney
Can I just say first of all that I am not what anyone would classify as an adventurous eater? Meat and potatoes all the way….and Italian. But tropical fruits? 20 step recipes with ingredients I not only don’t have but can’t pronounce? Instructions that include “kneading,” “chilling,” or “cutting in”? Not likely. However, lately, as I have been trying to improve what we are eating to be healthier and more organic, I find I am getting bored and restless and have naturally been branching out. I love what I have found on here so far----haven’t tried any recipes yet, but I love what I’m seein’!! This recipe is a case in point: I adore donuts. We used to go to Dunkin’ Donuts every Sunday after Mass. I have stopped eating them because 1.) my wallet can’t afford a dozen donuts every week 2.) my jiggly stomach cannot afford a couple of donuts every week 3.) I’m TRYING to get the kids to eat healthier and this would be a step back’ards! However, these look scrumdidlyumptious!!

 by Craving Cupcakes
Ok, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I have a love for all things baked! Breakfast baked goods, snackin’ baked goods, desserts, you name it, I will eat it!! One of my other favorite things is lemonade and its various incarnations. I always loved that cherry lemonade slush from the pretzel place at the mall. Or raspberry lemonade is nummy too….or pink lemonade…..oh! Strawberry lemonade! anyhoo, the idea of lemonade in a solid form that I could EAT….AND it’s a baked good??!! Sold!

 by the Crock Pot Recipe Exchange
I have found, to my astonishment, that there is controversy among cooks/chefs on the crock pot! Who knew?? Many eschew it! I mean, why?? Why slow cook on the stove when you can do it in a crock pot all plugged in, temperature-regulated and not sitting out on my stove?? Whatever. I can’t wait to use mine to make a dessert. And my new dessert obsession? Fruit-based! I love crispy stuff (think pretzels of all kinds, tortilla chips, crispy almost-burnt meat on the grill, etc etc) so I adore a well-done apple crisp---extra crisp please!

What are some of your favorite things to eat or fix?  Have a favorite recipe you can share a link to?  Well.  Go on! Don't be stingy! Share!!


  1. Such yummy looking recipes. Do you know I have never baked anything in my life? I keep planning to make cupcakes though.

  2. Yum! Pink lemonade cupcakes!! I've never even imagined such a thing! I wonder if they taste as good as they sound... :)

  3. Laura, I know!!! I swear, since I did this post, I have been practically tasting cupcakes! but what would I do with a full batch of cupcakes? besides eat them all...myself! lol

  4. Thanks so much for the mention today, and such good stuff - apple crisp in the slow cooker? Awesome!

  5. I love cooking blogs, The Pioneer Woman's blog is amazing! I'll have to check out the slow cooker blog!


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