Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guess Where I'm Writing Now??

All in one day, I inquired and was accepted to not one but two sites for writing!!  I am beyond psyched (ok, with a little trepidation, anxiety for my schedule and pee my pants excited to start reading!!) to be a part of Fresh Fiction AND Technorati. 

Fresh Fiction is a website that specializes in genre fiction.  They have a whole staff of reviewers and editors and regularly (read: weekly!) showcase authors.  I will be a reviewer! :) I will now have access to a whole list of books on a WEEKLY basis that have not yet been published which I will then be reviewing.  I will be posting a snippet with a link here on LaLa so you know when I've reviewed a book, like I do when I write for Today's Mama, ok?

Technorati started as a place where the best blog posts were collected.  Nowadays, they are also producing their own content.  I will be but one of many many writers.  Happily, they recently added a whole section for women! yay!  Again, I'll publish first on Technorati and second on LaLa.

Now, this isn't about me writing other places instead of LaLa Land!  I can write here whenever I want to! :)  If I find that something I am writing seems to be a good fit for Technorati, I will just publish there first and then here but I am under no contracts or obligations to Technorati.  That being said, even though I am not getting paid, I still had to apply to write and Technorati is a well-known name in blogging circles, which only means good things for me! :)

Fresh Fiction is strictly about books but I only put my reviews on Fresh Fiction if I get the book from them!  So if I buy, download or borrow a book, I can certainly publish is on here and on GoodReads. 

It just means two more places to put my mug and blather on! ;) 

Hope to see you there!  Please book mark those sites and I'll let you know when I publish on either of those sites.


  1. Good for you!!!! That's so cool! (Both gigs)

  2. That's so exciting! Congratulations!! :)

  3. Well, Congrats! That is so exciting!

    I am here from Sits Girls and I love your sites. I LOVE books but rarely read, WHAT A TRAGEDY, I know! I only read books if I am on vacation.

    I came from the link within, day 8 challenge. I can see that your blog doesn't really need many interlinks. You don't really reference past posts often, right? And your link within works just fine for that purpose.

    Glad to have stopped by!

  4. Hi, Lara! Congratulations! How wonderful for you!

    Your blog is beautiful, by the way. I'm popping over from SITSGirls Day 14 and just wanted to say hello!


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