Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Bucket List

I have never made one before and I saw someone else with one, so I thought, "what the heck?"
Maybe it will give my readers an insight! Who knows!
{is it just me or can all my ideas be grouped into either traveling or writing or morphing into a badass?}

Bucket List
{in no particular order}
***UPDATED 9/24/2011***

1. Become a black belt in karate. With weapons.

2. Win a dance contest of some kind. {even a Wii challenge for Just Dance 2 would suffice)

3. Visit every country in the United Kingdom; I especially want to see castles!

4. Travel extensively with my children, across Europe, enjoying seeing it all for the first time with them.

5. Get published in some way, shape or form (online, magazine, whatever!)

6. Learn to shoot a firearm {and well, because I don’t half-ass anything!}

7. Learn to shoot a bow & arrow {my grandmother was in the Maryland State Archery Championship---I believe she won!}

8. Get published as a science fiction author.

9. Make a living writing.

10. Work on a movie in some capacity. With professionals, not a home movie in somebody’s backyard where my kids make the sound effects either!

11. Be part of an orchestrated fight scene. {although hey, if I have my black belt, maybe I’m a stunt woman; 3 bucket list items off my list at once! Lol}

12. Write and illustrate my own children’s books.

13. Do every Alien Think DVD from the set I bought!! {http://www.alienthink.com/ --
it’s drawing lessons!} 

14. Write and illustrate a graphic novel.

15. Help create an RPG game based on my sci fi book.

16. Take a cross-country trip in a Winnebago with my family; see the grand canyon, mt. rushmore, las vegas, niagra falls—you know, all the good stuff.

17. Spend an entire summer in a beach house right on the beach, with my whole family.

18. Spend a weekend in NYC and be able to buy anything I want.

19. Take the kids to a broadway show.

20. Get a tattoo.

21. Talk myself out of getting a tattoo.

22. Paint a whole series of pictures and have a gallery showing.

23. Have a house nearer to my family in MD, the kind of perfect house where we will live the rest of our days.

24. Get my master’s degree…in something. {leaning towards library science}

25. Then my PhD…in something else. {let’s face it, I just want “Dr.” in front of my name! maybe in the field of literature…hmmm}

26. Have a six-pack set of abs.

27. **I have always wanted to re-do my wedding (as many women have said, I'm sure!)  I was 19 when I planned my wedding and boy have my tastes changed!! Now that I'm divorcing, if I get married again, it will be more Cinderella, down to the carriage and if I could do it in Disney, all the better!! ;) **  

28. Read all the classics I never read in school {list is too long to put here! I read a lot of ancient literature actually, but things you’d think I’d have read….I haven’t!}

29. Live debt free!!

30.  ** Live in Australia for a few weeks.**

I'll add on as I think of things--oh oh!

31. Ride in a hot air balloon.

32. Go rock climbing!

33. Try parkour.


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  1. what a great list!! I have the same dream about traveling Europe : )

  2. How sad is it that I can't think of interesting things for my bucket list??? I have been trying to write a post about it for two months and I have to keep coming back to it. Yikes!

  3. Good for you! I think bucket lists are a great way to see your passions and what you would like to accomplish.

  4. A bucket list was a good idea for today's prompt! I like it. Is it sad that I know how to shoot both a firear & bow? My dad & uncle are hunters, & my cousins & I learned when we were pretty young actually.

  5. I love this list! So many things I would love to do, and so many I would never have thought of doing. Are you working on a book now?

  6. What a great list post idea! You have inspired me in a big way.

    We have several similar dreams (goals?) and you have a couple here which have stirred something in me - things I hadn't thought of. For instance, I know that I would like to be published and that I of course want to spend a weekend in NYC when all I do is shop. And I would definitely love to do the Cindy's carriage vow renewal ;-) Traveling is always something I've dreamed of doing as well.

    Now you have me thinking about my OWN bucket list...

  7. Great bucket list! I love your dream to live close to your family in MD. The world would be a better place if we kept our families close.

    God says that he is love, and the only way I can begin to know what that means is by looking at my love for my family.

  8. FAbulous list :)

    good luck.

    If you want to add a series of books to your list let me know. My English professor retired and wrote a book. And then another. And another.

    I think they are fabulous. You may not. Let me know if you want to hear about them. :)

    I don't usually mention them to people but Isee you REALLY like to read (like me!!).

  9. Okay, so you're going to write and illustrate a graphic "novel" about your life's story as a bow-wielding gun-toting dancing painting rock-climbing ninja with a temporary tattoo and rockin' abs that's getting her Master's/PHD. The books become immensely famous...bigger than Twilight and are then made into games and a movie which are also immensely popular. With your new found fortune you are able to pay off your debt, buy a perfect house in MD, travel with your family shopping, seeing shows and reading books, and have a fairytale renewal-wedding at Disney where afterward you sail off on a romantic hot air balloon ride.

    But I'm sorry, you will never beat Jay at a board game.

    P.S. I also want to have a fancy fairytale renewal at Disney. I already had a really fancy wedding, but I specifically want one at Disney too!

  10. I love your list! I have never really felt motivated to write a bucket list before but reading your list kind of makes me want to . . .

  11. What fantastic comments!!

    Renee: I dont' think it's sad, I think it's cool...I just don't want to kill animals! LOL :)

    Brenna: I feel like I have been working on a book for most of my life! lol I am working on a story that actually started as a serial in my college newspaper, until I graduated. About 5 years ago, I started working on it in earnest. With kids it's hard. I'm also creating my own world b/c it's scifi, so it's a crap-ton of work! but I love it! :)

    Priscilla: I would love to hear about the books, but it may be a while before I can get to them! What are they about?

    coolestfamilyontheblock: I heart you. that was awesome! thanks! :)

    Excited that some of you feel inspired! I feel more focused now and may print this out to hang in my office! :)

  12. lara,
    you sure have a great list here... i have a friend who has a real "bucket list" after having been through the big "C" and he knocks something off that list every few weeks... i really need to write one, you have a lot i'd love to do on here!

  13. Well, I think every one wants to travel and do those things they see on TV or the movies! :) And family seems to be pretty important to everyone too, with some personal dreams thrown in! :) Maybe if we make lists, we can do! Go us!!

  14. I'm totally with you on the castle thing- although I'd be pretty happy just to be able to go to Scotland. I'm in love with William Wallace.

    And I think it'd would be AWESOME to be involved with a movie production of some sort. Even just to observe. If you make it, will you bring me with you??

  15. This is a wonderful list! I am using it for my Day 7 Task - link posts - 8 great List Posts (http://www.familylifeinlv.com/2011/02/link-post.html)
    When I finish it, you can find it at the above link * I am still writing it!!

  16. Your bucket list is amazing. I have been planning to do one for ages so this will spur me on! Coming over from SITS :-)

  17. However did I miss this one?!?! It's a SITS Challenge list.... good grief!
    I have a DayZero list, or 101 things in 1001 days list as it is also called. It's on their website dayzeroproject.com under thecrazyrambler - go have a look!
    I like yours, especially coming to EUrope - Netherlands first!!!!


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