Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Didn't MEAN to be Toxic to the Environment!

I would love to help the environment.  I really would. The thing is, it’s expensive.  And time-consuming.  And a pain.  

And I don’t like feeling obligated to do anything, quite frankly. It’s why my Thank You notes have fallen off in recent years! (I’ve resented being told what to do since I was about 4, my mother tells me!)

At any rate, I was noticing something yesterday: I have quite a few things that I should probably be doing….that I just don’t. Enough for a list. So here it is (you know how I love my lists!)

1. I should be composting. Totally don’t. Think about it…don’t do it. Down the disposal.

2. Not using plastic of any kind. Use plastic every day, I do! (I’m sorry, I seem to have just channeled Yoda for a split second there!) The best I can do: trying not to microwave it since plastic can bleed chemicals into your food. But, honestly, what doesn’t?

3. I use re-usable grocery bags, but guess what? They wear out. And they cost money to purchase. And to replace. So I don’t have enough for all my groceries. I tell them plastic is ok for the rest. In my defense, we use the heck out the plastic bags!! Dirty smelly diapers, dog poo, broken glass, etc etc. We do what we can.

4. I leave the water running while I brush my teeth. But, it annoys me to no end when my husband or kids do it. Go figure.

5. Recycle used aluminum foil. My sister seemed quite surprised I just used it and threw it out. Can you believe it?? I throw out used foil! The nerve!

6. I do not rinse and reuse my ziplock bags. I’m sorry, it’s just gross. I cannot always remember what used to be in what bag and frankly, I don’t want to be worried about what used to be in there mingling with what I was using it for currently. For example, I’d always worry that the gallon ziplock I was grabbing for the kids’ spare clothes used to have meat in it. Even if it’s cleaned. Blech.

7. Hanging my clothes on the line. Love the smell, however, need a clothes line to do it! And can you imagine, with kids, trying to dash outside to spend 10-15 minutes to hang wet laundry? I’d come inside to rooms that looked like a cyclone hit. Truly. Not even feasible! Instead? H.E. (how do you type that??) and energy star washer and dryer---just going to have to do!

Can you believe Walmart has a flickr account? At least, someone posing as Walmart does....
Image credit: Walmart Stores

Going organic. Great premise. Again, with the high prices!! I thought the whole point was less chemicals and whatnot! Why isn’t that cheaper!! I’m grocery shopping with a binder of coupons and a calculator for God’s sake! Help a shopper out! There are virtually no coupons for organics. Get with the program people! It makes me want to…

9. Grow my own fruits and veggies. But who has the time for that crap?

NOT my garden...not even my pic!
Image credit: Bukowski18

10. I use disposable diapers. I can’t see trying to get set up for your baby by buying cloth diapers that run $20 a piece or more, especially when you need a good 20 of them to get through the first 3 months or so, they get changed so often! You also can’t just run grab one when you realized you haven’t LAUNDERED YOUR DIAPERS! Who wants more laundry with a newborn?? And then as they get older, and their poop changes and you gotta clean that out before you can wash it..?? Ew. Sorry. Not happening!

And that, my friends, are my environment-ruining contributions. That’s just around the house. We also own 2 non-electric cars…worse: they’re a pick up truck and an SUV.

So when saving the environment is no longer expensive, time-consuming and a pain, I'll be right there.  In the meantime:  Sorry.  My bad.


  1. OK, I'm *right* there w. you re. the foil, not reusing (and rewashing) the Ziplock bags (whoever does that - serious case of OCD, seriously), and also on the diapers front which I know, was really bad. Maybe my composting in the future might cancel out all the landfill that has been created by my children's bottoms? (-:

  2. Hey Lara! Just found your blog while surfing technorati...& I love it...

    I was reading your posts, and this one spoke to me. I'm always trying to go "green," but somehow the plastic bags seem to be reproducing in my house, and organic food just doesn't seem that organic or healthy at the exorbitant prices.

    So, thanks for this list...I feel less guilty now ;)


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