Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recipe Review: Nut-Encrusted Salmon and Fufu

When we went to Disney World, we ate at a restaurant called Boma’s in the Animal Kingdom. Now, they had quite a variety of food, including lots of Mediterranean food. Those of you that know me well know I am a meat and potatoes girl! Fish is not something I ever eat….unless it’s battered and from a yellow box in the freezer. But for some reason, this salmon just looked so yummy to me: thick, flaky, called “nut-encrusted”—something else you should know is I love crunchy! Chips, pretzels, overdone meat, so the word “encrusted” just started me salivating! I also ate some couscous, which my hubby refuses to eat at home, so it’s something different for me to eat!

Image credit: Andrea P.
 For some reason, I couldn’t get that darned nut-encrusted salmon out of my head! So I decided, once I had cooked salmon for the first time ever this month, that I wanted to try and cook it the Disney way. Well, lo and behold, there is a website full of Disney recipes---and I found it!! That and one for “Fufu,” no lie. That’s mashed root veggies with some interesting spices.

So go check out that site, especially if you’ve already been to Disney World, it is so cool to make something and re-live your trip a little! Sigh.  :) I cannot, unfortunately, find the pictures I took of this meal! I’ve looked everywhere I normally save (all of 2 places!) and they are not there nor are they on the camera. One of those times I feel sure I’m losin’ my mind! Oh well, I’ll add them the next time I make this! lol

Nut-Encrusted Salmon
This was spicier then I remembered but I DID try to put the nuts in the blender in order to get them finely crushed. I roasted them myself in the oven, which would have been fine, but I think I put them in the blender too early (something about the oil settling after rising to the surface during roasting? I don’t know, all I know is, it was a little mushy and clumpy in some spots in the blender!) I tried to add some extra sugar (not a lot!) to cut the burn, but while I tasted only a mild burning sensation after chewing and swallowing, my hubby kept saying, “It tastes sweet…that’s what I taste is sweet..” Sigh. Figures. Next time, I’ll do less blending, no adding extra sugar either!

Another caveat: 1/16th of a cup? It’s a tablespoon! Why they are using those measurements, I have no idea!

I know sounds funny but it tastes so yummy! (that could be its commercial jingle!) It is such a simple recipe and I have combined root veggies before but it tasted nothing like this!

Image credit: ilovemypit

It has potatoes and sweet potatoes and then coriander and cinnamon, very simple. But it was so good! Normally I use butter and cinnamon on a baked sweet potato, but this was really good, I can’t even explain it; subtle flavor, the spices enhanced the flavor of the veggies in a way that was smooth not spicy or anything. This will be one of my new favorite comfort foods! Really!

All in all, I was happy to have some new flavors on my plate (and in my mouth!) but I have to say, the kids scraped off the topping and my husband shrugged over the potatoes. So maybe something for a girls’ night? lol

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