Thursday, March 17, 2011

Technology Seminar for Parents

The topic of internet predators, the safety of Facebook, picture posting, children on the internet and how to keep them safe are all hot topics. I am now so paranoid, my kids aren’t allowed on the internet (at ages 6 and 4 ½ y.o.) even though they are technologically savvy (surprisingly so!). We are constantly telling them, ok, you can play on the computer….but only go to these 5 websites….and don’t click on anything else….don’t talk to anyone….don’t “friend” anyone…and don’t tell anyone your name!! Or where you live!!

That sounds like great fun, doesn’t it? Play the game, don’t interact with anyone!

And the paranoia doesn’t stop there!

Not only do I NOT post any kind of pictures of my kids online, I get fully irritated with people who do (otherwise adored family members who post without my permission!).

What do I think is going to happen?

I don’t know! Maybe some perv will become so enamored with my child, they’ll stalk us with their keen intellect and computer skill so they can kidnap them!... Hey! It could happen! Stop snickering!

But I don’t know, is that possible? Can people do that??

Well, one way to find out is to take a class! And it just so happens that St. Joseph’s of York on Kingston Rd does just that but get this: it’s FREE! Yes, you read that right! F-R-E-E.

So I contacted the St.Joe’s IT team and Thomas Steele was kind enough to respond. I asked him a few questions so you wouldn’t have to! Here’s the deal:

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