Monday, May 2, 2011

Movie Mondays: DVD Review: Toy Story 3

If you haven't seen this movie, why the heck not?? If you have watched these movies, they get progressively better and better.  This one was just as funny and fast paced as the others, with the intensity really ratcheted up in my opinion.  Towards the end, there are moments where you are gasping, where you are squinching your eyes shut, biting your lip---you're just not sure what is going to happen to these toys you've become so emotionally attached to!  And there is an extra large heaping of what the Toy Story franchise does best: nostalgia.  I'm not sure the kids get the whole wistfulness, memory, sadness combo, but boy, I was all teary-eyed by the end!  Best scene: Ken trying on clothes for Barbie in the Dream House.  Michael Keaton as Ken was hil-arious!
You will definitely enjoy this as much as your children...and be prepared for request to make a "tortilla Potato Head."  Watch the movie.  You'll see! ;)

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