Monday, August 13, 2012

Restaurant Review: Woodberry Kitchen

LaLa in the (Woodberry) Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Road
Baltimore, MD 21211

We decided a Girls’ Night Out was in order.   Myself, my mother, my sisters Steph and Kate, our sister-in-law Amy with HER mother, and her sister all raced a bodacious thunder cloud to northern Baltimore.  Amy and her family won.  The storm was second, we were third and Steph was fourth.  After a soggy start to our evening (I’m not even going to relay how excited we were for complimentary valet after realizing this side-street restaurant had virtually no parking and it was down-pouring….nor am I going to mention how my mom lost her shoe.  In the rushing waters by the curb.  I’m not. Stop laughing.)

After dashing up steps and around the corner (may I suggest, WoodberryKitchen, an awning SOMEWHERE along the route from the curb to the door?) we were in.  They were handing out cloth napkins to dry off with----drying off being a relative term, apparently, because the napkins were like 12x12 inches and we needed beach towels---and after that we were free to wonder at the lovely atmosphere and architecture.  Congratulating ourselves for wearing long pants when it’s 102 degrees out because hey—it’s always freezing in restaurants---they showed us to our reserved table.  Upstairs.  In the Loft, overlooking the restaurant.  Where we all proceeded to complain about how friggen warm we were!  (Nevermind the constant laughter and the consumption of alcohol by some members of our party.  That had no effect whatsoever.)

 All the ladies working there wore dresses or skirts with aprons.  The guys were all wearing skinny jeans and plaid shirts and messy hair and hip shoes.   Old school light-bulbs hung from swinging arms, ingeniously discovered by my sister (I won’t say which one) who bonked her head on one.  The architecture was open and utilized a lovely combination of urban hardware and lighting with eclectic comfy touches, which included wooden tables with a nice patina and a 1950’s refrigerator. (I just have to point out that Kate felt the need to take a picture of it because she was awed by the oldness of said fridge. Kids nowadays.  Sigh.)  
I cannot emphasize enough how much we enjoyed the atmosphere.  Dana, our waitress, (who was fabulous, by the way) poured us cold water from an old-fashioned milk jug into little glasses that resembled flower pots.  The food selections were interesting and varied.  This is what I ended up ordering:

Direct Trade Iced Tea with syrup for sweetening (I forget what kind.  Still delish.)

Lancanster Co. Ladyfinger Popcorn (appetizer---hello, it was a DOLLAR!)

Garden Salad with ranch dressing

BBQ Pork Flatbread  (Shredded pork with BBQ sauce, banana peppers, sweet onions, cheese on flatbread. Oh and corn.)

Nectarine Tart  (Oatmeal and pecan shortbread-type cookie, chopped nectarine, a sauce and homemade whipped topping)   

We also received a complimentary appetizer:  Heirloom Tomatoes on Toast and their usual basket of slices of bread (yes, all kinds!) and a cup o’butter.

(If you go to the website, you’ll notice you can’t find some of these, as they were part of the list of specials. Sorry.) 

What others ordered:  Kitchen Burger, Tilghman Island crab cakes and Braised Liberty Delight Beef Shank.   All rave reviews. 

Did I mention everything is made fresh, from local, organic products? Cuz it is.  The food was fabulous.  Fresh food prepared by professionals is AMAzing!  I have to say, I am a meat-and-potatoes-what’s-in-this?-kind-of-woman, so I was a little leery. 

I’ve completely converted.  Hands down on my top 5 list of favorite restaurants.  


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