Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LaLa Says: eShakti Review

LaLa Says......eShakti Dress Review!

I received this beautiful dress from eShakti (full disclosure: free of charge, specifically for review!) and I was immediately impressed.  Shipping was fairly quick considering it came from India!  I liked the workmanship, the dress was lined, which I wasn’t expecting and the fabric is very nice.  The pattern contains a lot of colors and will go well with a variety of shoes and sweaters in my closet; versatility is a major plus! 

Now, the cons are small things but still:  the pattern is much darker than what was on the site.  The site looked like a pale blue dress with a paisley pattern and clearly, this is a navy blue dress. 
There is elastic on the sleeve holes, on the underside under your arm, which I didn’t see in the picture.  I’m fussy about my clothes and their comfort: I’m not into anything that bunches or pulls, I don’t want to be tugging on something nonstop.  I don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion very often at all.  Elastic falls under that heading and frankly, what an odd place to stick some elastic!  It doesn’t rub, thank God, but still, I’m never too keen on elastic.  (and I know that’s personal and picky, but I texture issues, so if you do  too, then carefully check the pics of the item over to make sure you like how the whole thing looks!) 

There are these beautiful keyholes in the chest and back, but they are much longer than I thought they’d be and even with a backless strapless bra on, I could still see it peeking in the front.  Not cool.  I may have to get the keyholes stitched closed just a few stitches on the front, so my bra isn’t exposed.  

Finally, this is promoted as tailored clothing, where hemlines and such can be adjusted.  While the bodice fit me reasonably well, the length was way too long and I wish I could have asked for a shortened hem.  Now I’m going to have to take it and pay to get it hemmed which can be tricky with lining.  

Overall, I think this is a fantastic idea!  They have a huge variety of clothing, a lot of very pretty and very modern designs that I have drooled over more than once---they just need to tweak the styles a little.  Maybe it’s because I’m petite and I don’t have a long torso and the bustier woman with 3 inches on me tried this on and it fit perfectly—who knows?   And it’s not like I got a poorly made item either, as I said, it was a lovely lined dress.  And you’re not stupid, dear Readers, so you can read between the lines and discard what doesn’t apply to you! ;-)  

Overall, I give eShakti a 5 star rating for effort and a 4 for the dress I personally received.  




P.S. Photography by my sister Kate; awkward posing is all mine.


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