Wednesday, March 28, 2012

See My Creative Bad Self in Action!

So my sister and I started a little business back in September known affectionately as Siostra ("sew-stra").   Among our various heritages is Polish and siostra is the Polish word for "sister."  And we've been doing pretty well: logos, print designs, email signatures, FB landing pages, photo shoots and now tabs/apps and cover photos.

And there were other things we wanted to try but didn't fit under Siostra's "a la Carte Marketing" subtitle, so .....we're creating a second business.  (stop making that noise)  It's called Siostra: Artistry and I will be doing face-painting and Kate will be doing more candid photography and family shoots here, putting product photography squarely in Marketing's realm.  I will also be doing commissioned artwork and already have one job for that lined up! Woot! 

Now, here's something super-cool.  (because frankly, that's the only way I roll)  We started with an Etsy store, and I will probably re-establish that in the future, however in the meantime, I've found something I like even better!

It's On Me Gifting (IOMG) is a business and app that runs on Facebook designed to promote foot traffic for local businesses (intended emphasis on the local).  (FYI, I know nothing about Groupon, but this is nothing like that! I get that question all the time!! lol)  The central idea is to be able to give a gift to a friend, via FB.  That's how it started.  So, for example, I have this Honey and he lives in another state. So I could feasibly go to the IOMG Mall, select the area HE lives in ("Browse Vendors In" at the top left), and then select something, maybe a meal (or a drink!), pay for it and he gets a message that he has a gift.  He clicks on it, prints his voucher, takes it to the local restaurant.  He shows it to them, they scan it and he gets his meal/drink.  Presto! How awesome is that?!

This was intended to help local business, but check this out:  a food bank has taken an interest in it, so people could purchase and gift a single meal for the food bank to use! Splendid!  Gifts of all kinds are popping up!  Own a business? Use your imagination and Brad, the programmer genius responsible for this wonderfulness, will put it into action!

I've put up vouchers for Face-painting---no more worrying that you don't have cash at a fair, buy the voucher for a specific service (cheek design, half-face design, full-face design) and bring it with you.  Forgot your voucher? No problem, I have a cell with internet access. I can look it up and key in the voucher number.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy for all involved! Woot! Send one to your sister (who needs to live in my area, obviously) for your niece and nephew to get their faces painted.  Great birthday gift for your grandchild.  Give a local teacher a voucher for a 1-hour session of face-painting for her class or school!  The possibilities are endless!

Now, I know you're wondering: Holy cow!! Is this in my area?!

If not, it totally could be!  Check your area in the IOMG Mall  and if you don't see your favorite local hang-out you can do one of two things: ask them if they'd PLEASE contact Brad at so they can get their place of business up ASAP!  OR alternatively, YOU can contact Brad and ask if he'd be so kind (and he usually is!) to contact your favorite place to nosh/shop/hang out and see if they'd jump on the bandwagon.  Either way, it goes much faster if they know their customers are clamoring for it! 

So...go clamor!! Get it done my readers! ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

F is for.....


Mom, Dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents.  My children.  The Honey.  They have all assisted me in one way or another in the last nine months.  My children remind me why I have to keep fighting for the life I want.  The Honey, aka "The Most Patient Man in the Universe" (which is way too long for a super-hero costume), always encouraging me, right there whenever I have a positivity-shortage.


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